Stacy Abbott Spins Her Hooping Fitness Startup

Stacy Abbott

Stacy Abbott

Last month Stacy Abbott launched Hoopin’ and Groovin’, a fitness startup for adults in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond Bizsense reports that her Monday night classes at Mom’s Treehouse, a fitness center, teach the basics of hula-hooping and a whole lot more. Abbott explained, “We raise the hoop over the head, waist hooping, the chest, legs, neck, the thigh, hooping that takes it off the body, such as hand hooping. We do it all.” She started out with a $50, four-week introduction series and saw about 10 people. “It was mainly waist hooping and how to walk and spin,” she said. After seeing more and more people coming to try her class, Abbott decided to spin her startup into high gear. She launched a hoop punch card for people to buy a three-, five- or eight-class pack. Prices range from $34 to $62. Abbott said her classes are a combination of fitness and hoop dance and she now has 50 students. Abbott,48, has worked the past 20 years as an office manager for an air-purification company. In June, she’ll be teaching a hooping class at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.



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  1. joanw says:

    I like the punch card idea! Congratulations to your success.

  2. Thank you! It was quite and honor to be featured today on I am humbled and full of gratitude.

    Much Love and Success to you all :)

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