Chico Johnson: Do The Hula Hoop

Chico Johnson: Do The Hula Hoop It’s time for a hula hoop flashback and this time we’re spinning our way all the way back to 1984. Not the year you were expecting? Well, that’s when World Champion hula hooper Chico Johnson released his single “Do The Hula Hoop”, which is of primary interest in that it might be the only song about hula hooping by a hula hooper himself. William K. “Chico” Johnson held the world record for the most hoops spun from a dead start at one time during the early 1980’s as well. An American hula hooper, his music was oddly enough only released on MCA Records in Europe. “Do The Hula Hoop” had a flip side called “Running Around in Circles” and except for another 7″ record entitled “Miss Thing”, which we’d love to hear, this was the extent of his musical career. Watch the video below and thanks to Troo Hoops for pointing it out.

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  1. Wow, Chico was really awesome. Wonder what happened to him. How bizarre the producers thought this was ok – Try as I might through many viewings, I could not find another person of color. And the people in the chairs – all except one woman – are like statues. How could they just sit there with that talent in front of them??? I feel bad for the girls because they look so silly. Too bad they didn’t let Chico give them a few lessons first.

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