Monthly Archives: February 2012

Centered in the Circle

[Guest Blogger Nicole Haley finds the beauty in the center.] by Nicole Haley Last night I started re-reading Muriel Barbery’s, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. One of the two central protagonists in the book is an extremely intelligent and incredibly…

Manic Focus: Circles with Lisa Lottie

The brand new music video for “Circles” by Manic Focus features someone who knows all about circles – Lisa Lottie. Her extraordinary circus hooping talents paired up with impeccable production by Digital Skylight and, well, we can honestly say this…

Caterina Suttin

Caterina Suttin is an awesome hooper in a truly awesome video. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA. Soundtrack: “Finally Moving” by Pretty Lights (on iTunes). A Video of the Day.

Ines Rutar

Ines Rutar is excited about completing her Hoola Nation certification in the UK. She lives in the Republic of Slovenia. A Photo of the Day.

Chi Chi Revolver on Bargain Hunt

Chi Chi Revolver and her father, Fred, were recently contestants on the BBC television show Bargain Hunt in the UK. The premise of the show is that two teams of amateur collectors have an hour and £300 to acquire the…