Instant Recess Exercise and Circularity Thinking

Hula Hoop Class
Tina Bauch Gets Workers Hooping
The Instant Recess movement in the workplace might be just the thing for those out there who are struggling to keep your New Year’s Day fitness resolutions. You see, Corporate America is figuring out that working all day without recess or exercise is a really bad idea. The solution is called “Instant Recess”. While lunchtime walks or group dieting programs have been popular in the workplace for years, momentum is building now around a 10-minute “stretching and strutting” session conducted by groups of co-workers, and with good reason. Staying in motion to prevent a sedentary lifestyle has been credited with everything from preventing heart disease to reducing depression. In other words, the more people work on staying in motion during the workday, the better their health and the better they feel. Happier workers equal higher productivity. Want to get your office in on it? Here’s a dozen exercises you can try and you can also incorporate Circularity Thinking as a great addition to any Instant Recess office regimen. Tina Bauch is one hoop instructor getting the workplace moving again. The high-calorie-burning low-impact-cardio will not only get your workplace exercising, you’ll be having fun doing it, bring a real sense of playtime back to adults who are sadly needing it. After all, isn’t that what recess was really all about? Watch the 5-minute Instant Recess office workout video below, then consider the benefits of Circularity Thinking in the video that follows. Anna Drury, Craig Reid, Sharna Rose and more share just what your office has been looking for.

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  1. <3 this!!!!!! I've been lending hoops to girls around the office, and none of them have made it back to me lol. I think I'm going to put a hoop or two in our little gym with some basic instruction and my phone extension on it. I think people wanted to take them home as lenders so they could practice in private. I hope this will create more interaction. And when the gym is empty, maybe someone will feel OK to try it out without fear. And they won't take the "gym equipment" home forever hehe. I'm also going to pass this on to our event coordinator. My little corner of Corporate America is a bit slower on the "figuring out that working all day without recess or exercise is a really bad idea." part than some 🙂

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