Hooping is a Hit in Algonac

Olivia Pizzo aka Olive Oyl
Olive Oyl (Olivia Pizzo)
In Michigan, The Voice reports, “It’s been around the West Coast for a while, steadily heading its way east. Groups are popping up here and there, equipped with a hula hoop, a CD player and danceable music. It’s called hooping. Lesley Durik calls it “pure joy.” The Algonac resident was drawn in six months ago and now meets with other hoopers at a local school gym. Hooping is something that can be done at home by accessing a tutorial online at hooping.org, but meeting together is so much fun, most hoopers will get together at least once a week. “Hooping is the name for hula hooping with large customized hoops,” Durek said, adding, “This means anyone can do it.” Durik ordered her first hoop from Olivia Pizzo at Harmonic Hoops and by word of mouth the movement is growing. Pizzo, whose stage name is Olive Oyl, said the practice is gaining more and more momentum each day, even internationally. Besides the benefits of getting a good workout, regular hooping has other advantages. “I like to think of it as a fitness therapy that heals. I’ve had people with eating disorders and substance abuse problems come to me and then say, ‘my hoop makes me heal and I don’t have this problem anymore.'” Watch the news video below:

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