Hoopie Honorable Mentions 2012

Hoopie Awards 2012 With our 5th Annual Hoopie Awards well underway with voting closing tonight at 11:59pm PST, the time has come for the Hoopie Honorable Mentions. Every year we take time to shine the spotlight on some additional awesomeness that just didn’t make the list. Some may have been favorites from the review panel, missing a nomination by a single vote. Others may not have done so well with our panel, but we think they really should have. The focus of our Honorable Mentions this year is on photography and video, categories that were overflowing with brilliance this year, so much so that we really needed to pay tribute to ten more selections in three categories one more time. And as we share the hoop love, we invite you to join us in doing so. Without any further ado here are our 2012 Hoopie Honorable Mentions.


When it comes to photography we pay significantly more attention to action. After all, hooping is a verb and we know first-hand that getting that great shot of a hooper in motion increases the degree of difficulty factor by Olympic proportions. Here’s ten photos we thought were worthy of Honorable Mentions. 1) We start off with the miracle shot of Adam “Hoopmonkey” Amis we figured would score a nomination for sure: Intelligent Light Trails. What are the odds of being able to capture a photo of light trails spelling out the word hoop anyway, right? It’s amazing! 2) We were also surprised Malia Flood Rocks It didn’t make the cut as well. It’s just one of those rare shots where all the factors come together in one brilliant photo. 3 and 4) LED hoop photography is even harder to do well, much less beautifully. So when shots come together like Jen Web Teleports with Jennifer Dobrydnia or Inlight Richmond with Natalie “Natty G” Gianninoto, we’re completely in awe. If only we had LED hoop pics of us that looked this good! 5) There’s just something magical about this shot of Melodie Moore. It not a hooping photo. It’s art. 6 and 7) Playing with sunshine can be really tricky which is why we love this photo of Jennifer Alberts and this awesome fire hooping shot of Carol Childs so much. They both make use of the light to their highest advantage. 8 ) Flight Time with Slang is another one we’ve found ourselves marveling at repeatedly. I mean if the jump isn’t awesome enough, check out the reflection of her feet on the wet sand. 9) Location can be everything and in this one it is. Shannon Bishop Fire Hooping surrounded by hot lava had all of us heated up. And 10) Sometimes a photographer is just in the right place at the right time for that perfect moment too, like this photo from Hoopcamp for example. Upside Down Foot Hooping by Ahni Radvanyi never looked so good, and it came very close to being a hoopie nominee.


Nobody can deny that the hooping video bar was raised in 2011, so much so that videos that might have led the nominees in previous years, weren’t able to even make the cut. Which videos are we referring to? 1) We just loved Amy Blaze with Amy Simoes, a video that probably made the best use of the 2011 GoPro phenomenon as well. Brilliant. 2) When we think back on the great videos of 2011 one of the first that comes to mind for us is from Jade Dussault. It gives us goosebumps at times. 3) When it came to memorable performances of 2011, one of our faves was Angie Mack’s at Glastonbury in Ultra Violet. How did this not score a nomination? She’s an incredible performer. 4) We were big fans of Raven Rainbow’s Hoop Demo this year and a lot of our panelists were as well. She really makes us happy. 5) Ireen Tambourine’s A Day in a Hoop featured one obsessed hooper hooping her way through an entire day, featuring a hula hoop soundtrack with vocals of her own. We’ve enjoyed it numerous times. 6) One of the funniest videos of 2011 was Super Granny Hula Hooper featuring Steve Bags. But wait a minute, was that really Steve’s grandma? 7) Paul Van Heden went From Conscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence in 30 days and shared his journey. It’s amazing what 30 days of daily practice can do. 8 ) Craig Reid is a hula hooping dynamo and his showreel Craig Reid: The Amazing Hulaboy came very close to being one of your nominees. 9) Another near miss? Mona Shpongledhoops: Sequence 04 1, a video that is definitely worth another venture. 10) And finally Amelio Bedelio took us to Squaresville and we were really happy about that.


When it came to video projects featuring more than one person there was some really genius stuff in 2011 – and not all of it made it into The Hoopies. Are you ready? Here’s ten on our list: 1) 2011 kicked off with a blaze from the Detroit Fire Guild that still makes us squeal by the time it’s over. 2) Kristen got 11 countries and 41 groups together for the World Hoop Day Dance 2011 and we’re admittedly baffled on how this didn’t make it into the mix. 3) The Astral Rhythm Dancers made quite an impact in 2011 performing with all kinds of superstars at Sturgis as well as The Electric Forest – but our favorite video from them has to be Hoops and Skeletons: A Hooping Nightmare Before Christmas. Watch the synchronicity. They have it down. 4) Sam Resnicow’s Hooping Idol: Future Week submission was a definitive favorite that raised the stakes for everyone. A brief appearance by another hooper probably kept this from scoring a solo nomination as well. 5) Of the group performances that captivated in 2011, Brecken Rivara and Tiana Zoumer in Mexico City topped the list. 6) Caterina Suttin is a badass and her AcroYoga Hooping performance with Wayne Hoover still has us reeling. This is technically a solo video in that she’s the only one hooping, but that’s not where the nominations put it. 7) Michelle Hazzard and Taylor Daynes may not have one The Amazing Hoop Race, but they scored a Hoopies nomination for Hoopless in Seattle and almost scored a second for Team Seattle: Gothic Week. We totally get it and love it too. 8 ) When it came to community videos in 2011 we can’t think of any that were better than Meeting the Guadalajara Hoop Community. If you didn’t already know it, hooping took off in Mexico in 2011 in epic proportions. 9) Kay Dent’s Hoopergirl submission for Hooping Idol was another definite winner on top of making the hoop world a safer place for all of us. 10) And who could forget Kill Bill, the Amazing Hoop Race Finale from Team Wisconsin featuring cheese, beer and a Quentin Tarantino vision.

That wraps up our Honorable Mentions for this year. We hope you enjoyed seeing these again (or for the first time), as much as we have enjoyed sharing them.

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  1. Thank you for the honorable mention– us girls(The Astral Rhythm Dancers) worked really hard on our skeleton dance, and we are currently in the works on making it even better. Congrats to everyone in the running <3 and good luck

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