Hoopie Awards 2012: Rock the Vote

Hoopie Awards 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Hoopie Awards, Hooping.org’s 5th Annual Awards celebration honoring greatness in our hoop community. We’d like to remind everyone that if you’re a hooper, you’re already a winner – each and every one of you. This year the official nominations process opened on Monday, January 2nd and closed on Friday, January 6th. Publicity for the Hoopie Awards began on December 24th, 2011, and the nominations were featured numerous times on Hooping.org’s front page, as well as through Facebook and via our Twitter and our Google+ accounts. We compiled a list of all of our preliminary nominees and presented them to our 2012 Hoopie Awards Panelists for consideration. Our panel this year consisted of 35 randomly selected hoopers from the 78 who had made themselves available to be of service via their nomination ballot. Panelists were instructed to forget their personal affiliations and be community minded in voting for their top five selections in each award category. Those votes were compiled and we can now present your 2012 Hoopie Award nominated finalists! But before we vote it’s time to learn more about our rules, categories and nominees this year so let’s get started!

THE RULES: You may vote for one selection in each category below. You may cast one ballot and one ballot only. Please note that our voting system automatically logs your IP address, the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer. If additional votes are submitted from the same IP address they will be disqualified. Consequently, if you share your computer at home or work with other hoopers, it would be wise to consult with them prior to submitting your ballot. It’s all part of our effort to ensure fairness and accuracy of voting. There can be no exceptions. Sorry. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. Your voting ballot must be submitted no later than 11:59pm PST on Thursday, January 19th.

Is someone or something missing from the nominees this year that you think should have been there? Perhaps they already won a Hoopie Award for that category. Previous Hoopie Award winners are not eligible to win in the same category twice. Because we have nominees this year who are part of and/or contribute to Hooping.org, the final electronic vote count tallies are being validated by Annie O’Keefe of World Hoop Day and Kristen “Tink” McQuillin of the World Hoop Day Dance. World Hoop Day events were celebrated on six continents on 11/11/11, raising funds to gift hoops to needy kids around the globe. Eleven countries participated in the World Hoop Day Dance project which featured 41 groups this year. Hooping.org applauds both of their contributions to our global hoop community and we’re delighted to have them both on board.

To encourage more thoughtful voting we are providing you with links to view photos, videos, tutorials and more. Please make use of them and see them for yourself, listen to the nominated songs, check out the talents of our nominated Newbies… We know you want to make smart decisions and we’re here to help you do just that. First we present background information with links that open in new windows for awards that you may need further clarification on, then we present the voting ballot which includes the main categories as well. While we present the top five nominees in each category, there were so many ties you will find it is the exception, rather than the rule.


In 2011 Hooping.org continued to showcase the very best in hoop photography. You can view the six nominees for Photo of the Year below:

1. Ashley Takes Off: Featuring Ashley Stroh of Vancouver, Washington, USA. Photo by Briana Stroh.
2. Flying Hoop: Featuring Jenny Hoopnosis of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Linda Allen Photography.
3. Josie Jupiter: Featuring Josie Jupiter of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo by Shami Kiely.
4. Kacey Douglas and Alicia Borelli: Featuring Kacey Douglas and Alicia Borelli of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Photo by Josh Branstetter.
5. Revolva: Featuring Kari Revolva of Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Rich Porter.
6. Takoda Rain: Featuring Takoda Rain of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Photo by Mario Covic Photography.


Solo videos may only have on person hooping in them. Watch the eight finalists that spun their way to the forefront for this award:

1) Hooping in Tunisia: Featuring Roon Roon Ishimasa of Tokyo, Japan.
2) Hoop or Die: Featuring Emilie “Anossens” Durand of Paris, France.
3) Listening Tower: Featuring Rebecca “Beka Hoop” Halls of Berlin, Germany.
4) Live and Let Hoop: Featuring Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK.
5) Recurring Seasons: Featuring Matthias Elliott of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
6) Ringography: Featuring Alexandra Savina of Moscow, Russia. Video directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
7) Trembling Hoop: Featuring Marianna de Sanctis of Toulouse, France. Video by Ingrid Chikhaoui.
8 ) Two Warriors: Featuring Rebecca Morning-Phipps of Florence, South Carolina, USA.


Video of the Year features two or more people hooping. Watch the seven nominated videos below:

1) Circularity Thinking: Featuring Anna Drury, Craig Reid, Sharna Rose Bevan and more. Directed by Lucia Zoro and Roses Urquhart of London, England, UK.
2) Hoopless in Seattle: Featuring Michelle Hazzard and Taylor Daynes of Seattle, Washington, USA.
3) Lisa vs Satya: Featuring Lisa Lottie and Satya Bella of London, England, UK.
4) PIMP: Featuring Nick Broyd, Gail O’Brien, Zoe Pither and more of Bristol, England, UK.
5) Swiss Natural Vitamins Hula Hoop Flashmob: Featuring Sadie Spins, Alison Logue, Wesley Whirl and more of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Video by 5Gear Studios.
6) Thriller: Zombie Hoop Dance: Featuring Nicole Wong, Sarah Starlight and more. Directed by Sarah Starlight and Nicole Wong of San Francisco, California, USA.
7) Vintage Gothic: Featuring Jasmine Gardner and Jen Tividad of London, England, UK.


When it came to hoopers sharing their skills with others on the web, these seven tutorials ranked highest. Watch them below:

1) Hooping on One Leg: Featuring Natasha “Hoopsie Daisy” Young of Berkeley, California, USA.
2) How to Hula Hoop: Featuring Jon Coyne of Seattle, Washington, USA.
3) Pretzel Twist: Featuring Babz Robinson of Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
4) Shoulder Hooping: Featuring Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Richmond, California, USA.
5) Tantra and Body Rolls: Featuring Shakti Sunfire of San Francisco, California, USA.
6) Two and Three Beat Weave Behind the Back: Featuring Michelle Hazzard of Seattle, Washington, USA.
7) Wedgie Combination: Featuring Sharna Rose of Maidstone, England, UK.


What would hooping be without music, right? Listen to the seven nominated tracks below:

1) Flight Facilities: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
2) Flo Rida: Good Feeling
3) Florence + the Machine: Shake it Out
4) Jon Coyne: Hula Hoop Appreciation Song
5) Noona: Hula Hoop
6) Skrillex: The First of the Year
7) Sven Hammond Soul: Hoopla


Since 2003 Hooping.org’s mission has been to share the joy of hooping with everyone all over the planet. This award honors events of the year that helped do just that:

1) Angel Calalas on Pilipinas Got Talent (Philippines).
2) Blue Peter Finale Sets Hoop Dance Record (UK).
3) Eva La Dare Fire Hooping on Glee (USA).
4) Hooping Idol (Online)
5) Laura Saik’s Go Pro Hula Hoop Video goes viral (Online)
6) Karin de Wit on Holland’s Got Talent (The Netherlands).
7) Marawa The Amazing on Britain’s Got Talent (UK).
8 ) Yoga Journal reports on Hooping (Print Magazine and Online)


We added a new award this year to honor outstanding hoop gatherings and the top six nominees are:

1) Hoopcamp: Watsonville, California, USA
2) Hoop Convergence: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Hoop Path 5: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
4) Return 2 Roots Hoop Gathering: Hawley, Pennsylvania, USA
5) Spin Cycle Camp Hoop Jam at Burning Man: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA
6) The Spin Summit: Winter Park, Colorado, USA


Of those who picked up a hoop for the first time in 2011, these six stood out as outstanding newcomers to our hoop community:

1) Alex Kitral: Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
2) Erica: San Diego, California, USA.
3) Jake: New Jersey, USA
4) James Fredrickson aka JJ Hula: Fairfax, Virginia, USA
5) Shannon Herrington: Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA.
6) Leslie “Tilly Whirls” Perales: Reston, Virginia, USA.


A new category this year, Hooping.org recognizes that greatness comes in all ages. Check out our seven nominated finalists who are under 18 years of age below:

1) Aaron Smith: Frostburg, Maryland, USA.
2) James Fredrickson aka JJ Hula: Fairfax, Virginia, USA.
3) Lottie: England, UK
4) Marium “Wondermarium” Akhter: Karachi, Pakistan
5) Mikayla Blue: San Diego, California, USA
6) Satori Romaine: Craig, Colorado, USA


1) Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2) Brighton, England, UK
3) Bristol England, UK
4) Denver/Boulder, Colorado, USA
5) Mexico City, Mexico
6) Tokyo, Japan
7) Toronto, Ontario, Canada


1) Astral Rhythm Dancers: Hedgesville, West Virginia, USA
2) Detroit Fire Guild: Detroit, Michigan, USA
3) Electric Forest Hoop Troupe: Performed in Rothbury, Michigan, USA.
4) Flame Oz: Grace Billings and Satya Bella: London, England, UK
5) The Hoop Unit: San Diego, California, USA
6) Nicole Wong and Sarah Starlight: San Francisco, California, USA
7) Tiana Zoumer and Brecken Rivara: Oakland, California, USA


1) Ann Humphreys: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
2) Babz Robinson: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
3) Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
4) Luna Breeze Blakeman: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
5) Malcolm Stuart: New York City, New York, USA
6) Steve Bags: Bristol, England, UK


1) Carolyn “Caroleeena” Mabry: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
2) Julé “Slang” Beloussow: Los Angeles, California, USA
3) Olive Oyl: Detroit, Michigan, USA
4) Revolva: Oakland, California, USA
5) Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
6) Valentina “Unity” Martin: San Diego, California, USA


1) Baxter: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
2) Malcolm Stuart: New York, New York, USA
3) Matthias Elliott: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
4) Nick Broyd: Bristol, England, UK
5) Nick Guzzardo: Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
6) Steve Bags: Bristol, England, UK


1) Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach: Richmond, California, USA
2) Beth Lavinder: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Gail O’Brien: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
4) Shakti Sunfire: San Francisco, California, USA
5) Tiana Zoumer: Oakland, California, USA


And finally, Hooping.org created this new award to honor the trailblazers who helped make this movement happen, celebrating a hooper’s history and their contributions to the world of hooping. The nominees are:

1) Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach: Richmond, California, USA
2) Baxter: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
3) Bunny Hoop Star: Sydney, Australia
4) Kimowan Metchewais: Carrboro, North Carolina, USA
5) Mat Plendl: Los Angeles, California, USA
6) Philo Hagen: Los Angeles, California, USA
7) Spiral: San Francisco, California, USA


Do you feel better educated on your decision making now? Then you’re ready to actually vote. Hooping.org is pleased to present your nominees for the 2012 Hoopie Awards.


Hooping.org congratulates all of our nominees this year and thanks all of our panelists for their service. Comments are welcome, though campaigning on behalf of one’s loved ones or self will be deleted.

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  1. Sorry you may have missed the “Happening Hoop Wedding” at Lake Havasu City Az. “Havahoop” became one forever with “Havafire” to be officially joined as “Idea film Factory.” (Truth be told though, always hard to tell who was who on these sites, they are such an amazing team)
    The most amazing wedding. Hoops! Hoops! Smiles! Happy tears of joy! On, On, and On. These two beautiful humans had been together for eleven years, so they made it official on 11-11-11 @ 11:11 Am, (The “official kiss) before the fun began. I don’t get to see your site often, but do love it, and all who are on it, terrific! True inspiration! Thanks to all, and if you get a sec., check out one of the most real, amazing weddings you may ever see “in the hoop”. Blessed be all you good people! You really makes a positive difference! Again thank you for your contagious passion – HOOP!

  2. This was so tough! It was really hard to compare hoop communities, cause I have no idea how many members, performances, jams and events each group achieves. Tough to say which hoop gathering was best as I didn’t go to any and of course the gatherings’ websites all declare the event a success. Was anyone lucky enough to attend all nominated events? And it is even harder to vote on hoopers of the year, because I know who makes incredible videos, but who is working their buns off behind the scenes? Pretty tricky to make fully informed choices.

  3. We’re so thrilled that Circularity Thinking has been nominated! We’ve had a great run at film festivals but we’re thrilled to be able to share the film with you all online at last- and what an amazing reaction! And what talented hoopers out there!

  4. Wow! What tough decisions! This past year I feel like there was an explosive growth in the hoop community. So much expansion, so much talent, so much awesomeness! How does one pick just one in each category? You should all win!

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