Biggest Loser Contest: Vote for Shannon’s Shannon Herrington shares “Why I Felt I Wasn’t Worth It” on her personal blog, saying, “Some people may not like my phrase, ‘With hooping, I deserve/am worth this’. The reason I said that is because I’ve finally accepted myself and what I am capable of doing. You see, a few years ago, I lost eighty pounds. Except I couldn’t maintain it. I couldn’t step back and say, ‘Shannon, you’re not being selfish by asking for this long to exercise. You are not being a bad person when you say no to the bread or asking for more veggies.’ I thought deep down, I didn’t deserve to make myself a priority.” We think she deserves to make herself a priority. Join us by giving her a vote in this Biggest Loser contest and spread the word. You can vote daily and it’s quick and easy.

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