Benefits of Hula Hooping on TLC

TLC Hula Hoops Over at TLC, The Learning Channel, they are teaching viewers about the health benefits of hula hoops. “Hooping has come back into fashion, adapting to our adult desires and hipster mentality — getting fit by way of anything but the gym. And the great thing for us greenies is that all you need is the hoop to get a serious workout! According to Betty Hoops, hula hooping can burn a whopping 100 calories every ten minutes! More than singeing calories, hooping has some real benefits… Tones the waistline, glutes, arms, thighs, increases flexibility, strengthens the core, releases toxins, enhances cardiovascular health… All you need is a little old school Cyndi Lauper or original Beastie Boys beats and you are on your way to a tighter tummy.” They also give a shout out to and Jason’s make your own hoop instructions.

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