2012 Hoopie Awards: Panelists Selected and Notified

Hoopies Trophy Hooping.org is proud to be presenting our Fifth Annual Hoopie Awards, the awards that honor greatness in our hooping community. For those of you just realizing that the Hoopies are on again and are sending your nominations in now, and there are a few of you still at it, the nomination deadline closed on Friday night at 11:59pm PST. Over the weekend we took the hundreds of nomination ballots submitted by you and compiled them into one massive list. Then we wrote the names of the 78 AWESOME hoopers who made themselves available to serve on the review panel this year on little slips of paper, put them in a box, shook it up, and randomly selected the 35 Hoopie Awards Panelists that will be making the final nomination decisions this year. They’ve all been notified that they are on the panel and are currently reviewing the photos, videos, tutorials and more that you submitted. Stay tuned. On Monday, January 16th, we will announce all of the final nominees for this year and voting will officially begin.

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