2012 Hoopie Awards: Nominations Begin

Hoopie Awards Hooping.org proudly presents our Fifth Annual Hoopie Awards, the awards honoring greatness in our hooping community. Preliminary nominations are now open and will close on Friday, January 6th, at 11:59 pm PST. Previous award winners are not eligible to win within the same category twice, but feel free to nominate them for other categories if you so choose. Remember, you can only submit one (1) preliminary nomination email with no more than one (1) nominee in each of our award categories.

2012 Changes: 1) Previously we’ve had one event award category for “Outstanding Event that Promoted Hooping to a New Audience”. Every year people nominate hoop gatherings and retreats in this category, even though they aren’t reaching a new audience. So this year we are adding a new category for “Outstanding Hooping Event”. Hoop gatherings and retreats are eligible for an award in our new category, but not the former. 2) For 2012 we’ve added an Outstanding Youth Hooper award to honor someone under 18 years of age, and 3) For 2012 we’ve also added a Hooper Hall of Fame Award to recognize hoopers that have blazed trails and inspired all of us. Nominees in this category must have been hooping for more than five years.

The Final Nominations Panel: This coming weekend all of our preliminary nomination ballots will be tabulated and a final list of those receiving nominations will be sent to our randomly selected final nominations panel, something we began implementing two years ago to help ensure a fairer and democratic process. If you are willing to be of service on this review panel you must A) be available the week of January 9th through the 13th to review all of the nominees (a time consuming process) and make fair and impartial selections, B) agree to maintain complete secrecy that you are serving on said panel until after the award finalists are announced on January 16th, C) agree to maintain complete secrecy regarding who received preliminary nominations until after the finalists are announced as well, and D) indicate your interest in panel service on your nomination ballot by stating “YES”. By doing so you are agreeing to A, B, & C above. If you are randomly selected to serve on the panel this year, you’ll receive a notice that you are on it on Monday, January 9th, and you will have until Friday, January 14th at 11:59pm PST to make your Hoopie Award finalist selections. Panelists who do not have their ballots submitted before that deadline will not be included.

The Nomination Ballot: You may now cast preliminary nominations in the following award categories. All required information noted below must be included for your nomination to be tabulated:

1. Photo of the Year: (must have been taken and posted in 2011. Include url)
2. Solo Video of the Year (must have been posted in 2011. Include url):
3. Group Video of the Year (must have been filmed and posted in 2011. Video must include hooping by two or more. Include url):
4. Tutorial of the Year: (must have been posted in 2011. Include url):
5. Hoop Dance Soundtrack of 2011 (must have a 2011 release date):
6. Outstanding Event That Promoted Hooping to a Larger Audience in 2011 (hoop gatherings are not eligible):
7. Outstanding Hooping Event of 2011:
8. Newbie Hooper of the Year (must not have hooped prior to 2011. That means even a little, sorry. Include a url to an online video of the nominee along with how many months they have been hooping):
9. Youth Hooper of the Year:
10. Local Hoop Community of the Year:
11. Performance Hoop Group of the Year (Two or More):
12. Hoop Instructor of the Year:
13: Fire Hooper of the Year:
14. Male Hooper of the Year:
15. Female Hooper of the Year:
16: Hooper Hall of Fame Award:
XX: Are you available to serve on the final nominations review panel as specified above? (Yes or No) _______.

Please email your nomination ballot to: hoopies2012@gmail.com

Our finalists in the Fifth Annual Hoopie Awards will be announced on Monday, January 16th and community-wide voting will begin.

13 thoughts on “2012 Hoopie Awards: Nominations Begin

      1. That’s a fantastic point Philo. People, please make sure EVERYONE can see your photos and videos on facebook, or those of your friends on whose behalf you’re submitting. As a former panelist I cannot tell you how many people I just skipped over simply because I couldn’t view their photos and videos! It’s a damn shame, I’m sure there were probably some phenomenal entries, but noone will ever know. If someone has to friend request you to see your entry, you’re not gonna win.

  1. There are a couple of categories that I’m truthfully just having a lot of trouble coming up with a nominee for. I’d be just picking somebody blindly – will our votes be thrown out if we don’t nominate someone/something in every single category? That’s how I’m reading this – just wanna make sure so I don’t waste a nomination email! 🙂

    1. No. Blanks are fine. If you’re nominating someone in a category where it says a url is required – then it needs a url to go with it to be included, etc. But no, you do not need to have a nomination for every category. 🙂

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