Spinning Hula Hoop Tree Ornaments

Hula Hoop Tree OrnamentHave all of your holiday preparations done early and looking for something crafty to keep you and the kids occupied? How about making some Hula Hoop Tree Ornaments? Angela is an engineering student at Stony Brook university, and a hoop dancer. So we guess you could call her a Hoopgineer! Over at Instructables she shares how to make them and what you’re going to need is wire, colored tape, string (to hang them), fancy ribbon (optional), ornament spinner (optional), some wire cutters and a ruler. You start by buying or finding some thin wire. She bought some white wire because she planned on making her hula hoop ornament look like a candy cane. They’re pretty cool to look at and if you want to see hers in action, check out the video below:

You can full details on how to make yours at Instructables.

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