Smart Hula Hoop Wins Engineering Design Prize

Total Annihilation and the Smart Hula Hoop

Total Annihilation and the Smart Hula Hoop

Are you ready for the Smart Hula Hoop? iNEMO engineering design contests were sponsored by MEMS, semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics and Taiwan’s Association of Nanotechnology and Micro System in China, Taiwan and the United States. Taiwan’s first place NT$60,000 prize went to “Total Annihilation”, a group of engineering students from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. They utilized the iNEMO board to transform a hula hoop into an advanced sports monitoring system with health care applications. The “Smart Hula Hoop”, as they are calling it, measures a user’s waistline and detects exercise levels. By calculating the rotation of hula hoop’s frequency it can detect daily exercise levels and convert exercise into energy consumption. It also monitors and records all of the data. The “Smart Hula Hoop” won for utilizing 9 out of the 10 degrees of freedom available from iNemo’s micro electrical mechanical systems, integrating motion detection technology with consumer need for a “smart life concept”. Patrick Boulard, STMicroelectronics Regional VP, said, “The Smart Hula Hoop is an innovative design that demonstrates the ability of the iNEMO to support engineering creativity. Seeing creative young engineers apply the iNEMO’s many degrees of freedom to solve a health and wellness challenge is extremely exciting.” Entries were judged based on a combination of function and practicality, implementation, creativity, presentation and final demonstration and we won’t be surprised to see a version of the design on the market soon.



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