Do You Have a Job?

Revolva Huggling
For performers, those hoping to become one someday and those fascinated by the idea, Revolva of Revolva Hoop Dance has written an awesome post: “During a recent night out in San Francisco, another performer and I struck up a conversation with a fellow bar patron. Life details emerged, and it wasn’t long before the question arose. The one all performers must navigate. The one that caused my friend to look at me, eyebrows raised, suppressing a laugh (or possibly a horror-movie-style scream). ‘So do you two just perform – or do you also have jobs?’

It doesn’t matter how many contracts pass through our hands, how many emails are sent, how much time is dedicated toward editing video and answering phone calls. It doesn’t matter how many hours of our lives are spent not “just performing,” not even “just rehearsing,” but also doing the administrative, marketing and promotional work that would be done by countless people and departments within a typical company. The question still lingers: ‘Do you have a job?'” Full Post: Do You Have a Job?

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