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Count Down To 2012

hoopdown We’re away for the holidays, but we’ll be back spinning things up Sunday, January 1st, with the launch of our New Year 30/30 Challenge, and our first New Years Day Online Hoopjam Bonanza to kick the year off right. Got a resolution to reinvigorate or begin a hoop practice? Want to get in shape and lose some holiday weight? Aiming for a more centered and mindful you in 2012? Want to make new friends and feel more connected? If you answered yes to any of these questions join us on New Years Day when we all start hooping 30 minutes a day for 30 days and support one another in making it happen.

Plus everyone is invited to our New Years Day Online Hoopjam Celebration experiment, co-sponsored by World Hoop Day. Mark your calendar from 12 noon to 3pm PST (that’s 3pm til 6pm EST), noting that you can show up for as much or as little as you wish. In preparation make sure your webcam is working, you have room to hoop, and that you’ve got a Google+ account with the Google voice and video plugin installed. We’ll have the finer details for you come January, but we’re already excited! And as if that’s not enough excitement, preliminary nominations for the 2012 Hoopie Awards will open on Monday, January 2nd. 2012 is looking awesome! Until then our community forums are open, as always. We hope you enjoy the remainder of 2011 and we wish you and yours the very happiest and hoopiest of holidays. See you in 2012!

Weekend Wrapup: December 19th – 23rd

Weekend Wrapup Happy Holidays Hoopers, it’s time for this week’s Top Ten List. Every Saturday we countdown what received the highest response from our readers for the week and serve it all for a second spin – for those who were too focused on the holidays themselves to stay on top of all the hoopla. We start with #10 and work our way up to our #1 post of the week. Here’s what the hoopersphere was abuzz about this week:

10) We kick things off with a holiday hula hoop fest from Bene-Rather Taylor: Christmas Hula Hooping

9) A hooping Christmas Gift from Wyoming to South Africa warmed all of our hearts. Now that’s the spirit of World Hoop Day.

8 ) When JJ Hula hooped up his high school talent show, everybody went nuts!

7) Rings and Tings taught us a partner hooping move everybody was into learning: Hooping Tutorials: Inner Arm Double Zirkle Wrap.

6) Our minds were blown when breakdancing meets the hula hoop: Bboy Hula Hoop Head Spin.

5) Has the Grinch stolen your hoop joy? For the Joy of Hooping All Year Round.

4) French hooper Marianna de Sanctis got everybody excited with this video: Marianna de Sanctis: Trembling Hoop.

3) Hoopers, like hoops, come in all sizes! Dances With Fat Gets Hoop Dancing.

2) Thai pop star/actress Noona released her new single “Hula Hoop” and a hooptastic music video to go with it and set Thailand and Asia spinning: Noona: Hula Hoop

1) And at the top spot this week was A Christmas Hooping Miracle. A true story of the hoop love and holiday spirit in our hooping community.

So there you have our Top Ten List, and remember – if you see something you like here or elsewhere it only takes a second to like it or a leave comment and share the hoop love. You might just be making someone’s day! Our community forums are open, as always, and we wish you the hoopiest holiday season ever!

2011: The Year Hooping Moved In

people in a house [ columnist Lara Eastburn looks at the success of the hooping movement.]

by Lara Eastburn

2011 will be remembered as the year hooping really began to integrate into our communities. For a while now, hooping has been expanding past the boundaries of festivals and local parks to find more permanent and all-weather homes in dance and yoga studios, YMCAs, churches, and gyms. And from the looks of it, hooping classes have been received with open arms by its new venues. At least it would seem so, with franchises like Curves bringing in hooping and the likes of Yoga Journal calling hooping “the latest trend sweeping the yoga community.” So I was surprised, when researching the trend, to find a response to a column on “When did yoga teachers stop teaching yoga poses?” saying, “I thought I was alone in the land of $125 yoga pants, Yoga and Hula Hooping classes and a myriad of other BS i see in the land of modern yoga.” Now maybe this was an isolated incident, that of a purist or two that are resistant to change, but it did make me wonder about hooping’s growing presence in other communities. Is hooping as welcome as we think? And either way, isn’t our status as “newcomers” to more established practices something we should be conscious of?

I made some calls to gyms, dance, and yoga studios that are among the first to host hooping classes to find out how they’re going, how it’s new audiences are feeling about it, and what can be done to make hooping an attractive and happy addition to their offerings. Studio owners had a lot to say that I think we need to hear. Here are some things to think about and act on as soon as possible no matter whose space you’re teaching in.

Super Granny Hula Hooper

Steve Bags explains, “This is my gran doing hula-hoop. She’s super. She says she used to do it back in the sixties. She says she can only do one at a time, but she can spin it on her waist for aaaaages.” Don’t you think there is an amazing family resemblance? They live in Bristol, England, UK.

Maria Margiyeva

Maria Margiyeva makes an exquisite first appearance on The dynamic performer combines elements of hoop dance, circus hooping and rhythmic gymnastics in this 6.5 minute routine (with some filler at the end). In addition to hooping she is also a contortionist, aerial artist and dancer. She lives in Spain.

The Chipmunks Hula Hoop Song

Christmas with the Chipmunks Every holiday season in our search for all things hooping to share with our readers, we begin running into The Chipmunk Song, everywhere. We’ve heard it so many times over the years that when someone asked us about it, we were surprised to realize we didn’t know much at all – and we proceeded to find out. The Chipmunks Hula Hoop Song is actually called “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” and it was written by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr., better known under his performing alias David Seville. The song was actually sung by Seville himself using a high-pitched chipmunk voice, even though the record gives the credit to a fictitious singing group called The Chipmunks with Alvin, Simon and Theodore. The song was released in 1958 and it won three Grammy Awards including Best Comedy Performance, Best Children’s Recording and Best Engineered Record. The song hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart too, becoming the only Christmas record ever to do so and sold 4.5 million copies in just seven weeks. The single also returned and re-entered the hot 100 annually in 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963. Give it a listen below.

Meet the Guadalara Hooping Community

Let’s meet the hula hoopers of Guadalajara, Mexico, and get a tour of the city in which they live while we are it. This video features some amazing locations, filmed by Estaban Moises, aka El Moy of Hulapeando.

Vamos a cumplir con los hoopers hula de Guadalajara, México, y un tour de la ciudad en la que viven, mientras que lo son. Este video muestra algunos lugares increíble, filmado por Esteban Moises, alias El Moy de Hulapeando.

Scranton First Night Starts New Year Hooping

Scranton First Night

Jennifer Hill and Susan Anderson

The Times Leader reports: If you remember what it was like to hold a plastic hoop to your waist, swivel your hips and — CRASH! — cringe as that wide circle hit the floor, Jennifer Hill and Susan Anderson can identify. They remember similar frustrations when they were growing up. But that didn’t stop them from trying again as adults and succeeding. “It helps to close your eyes and not over-think,” said Hill, whose sister presented her with a hoop-making kit three years ago. Experts now at sustaining the motion of several hoops at a time, the two local women will don whimsical costumes and perform as Whirligig Hoopers during the First Night Scranton celebration in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. In addition to their three New Year’s Eve performances the duo will give audience members a chance to try the hoops, because what better time than the dawn of a new year to experience something new?