Big Girls Can Hula Hoop

Shannon Herrington dedicates her “Big Girls Can Hoop” video to all the plus-size hoopers and anyone who loves bigger hoops! “You can hoop no matter your size,” she says, and this is very true! She lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA. A Video of the Day.



18 Responses

  1. OMG I love it!! It feels good to see other ladies hooping it up that are bigger :) I’m in that boat with ya sister!

  2. sweetback says:

    Love it curvy sistah!!!

  3. kynd haze says:

    You go girl! Us Plus Size Girls Can Hoop and Look darn good doing it too! :)

  4. Richie says:

    Oooh I wish I had found this earlier, this is SO cool!!!
    Shannon rocks!

  5. joanw says:

    You ARE beautiful!

  6. Diann says:

    Great article and I loved the video. You are so adorable. I am want to hoop now! I had no idea anyone stil did this.

  7. hifromvi says:

    so awesome!

  8. Polly says:

    Super awesome! Made me so happy!

  9. RACHEL says:


  10. rabbitholer says:

    awesome! This is giving me hope :-) I thought I was just too big for hooping… but I guess if I keep trying, maybe one day, I’ll be joining the ranks of happy hoopers :-) yay! Thank you!

  11. Isabella says:

    This video of your phenomenal hooping is very inspiring! Thank you for releasing it!

  12. Carmen says:

    Wow!! That was great. Love that you used MIKA (love him). I used to hoop as a girl and then quit doing it when I got bigger. Would love to try it again but I don’t think I could move like that. Where would I find a bigger hoop?

  13. ambachu says:

    roockk onn giirrll

  14. mary says:

    damn girl!!! this is awesome! I wish I could move like that!

  15. Windy4 says:

    I have a frien who hoops and became interested but was afraid. I dont even own a hoop because I thought I was too big or would look foolish. Thanks to this video I now have a hoop on order…. Thanks for the inspiration.

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