Amazing Hoop Race France: The Results

Bonjour! The Amazing Hoop Racers are currently in Paris, France, our latest stop in a virtual hula hoop race around the world! We’d like to thank all of our Parisian hosts, especially Anossens at for not only being our special guest judge this week, but for supporting our teams with their performances last night. Special guest judge and hooper JoHanna Moresco of the legendary Darkwave band The Crüxshadows was at the club last night as well to meet the teams and witness the gothic Parisian Halloween festivities first hand. She told, “It was amazing! They all did an incredible job and the crowd loved them!” We caught her for a quick moment at the club just before she had to leave to catch her flight.

During their stay in Paris, our teams encountered their first Roadblock on the race which presented a task that only one member could perform. That task? To hoop in the Catacombs beneath the city. would like to thank Fred Charvet of the BHV for all of his assistance with our underground hoop adventure. After that our teams made gothic hooping videos in Paris that were scored for 1) Hooping and Partner Integration, 2) Gothic Persona 3) Parisian Flavor, and 4) Overall Video Presentation. Scores (0 to 10) were assigned for each of these four areas by both of our judges. Our judges scores were then combined and then divided to obtain our judge’s average point value. These Vista Points (40% of each team’s total) were then combined with our earlier Travel Point and Pit Stop Point totals (30% of each team’s total), along with the final 30% score which came directly from you, our viewing audience.

Team Georgia had to leave the race after Mary Ellen learned of a dire situation that demanded her full attention. They will be missed. While three teams were to be eliminated today, Team Georgia’s departure means only two teams will be joining them on the sidelines this week. And now, having received the scores direct from our judges in Paris, we will now find out which team came in first this week on The Amazing Hoop Race, and which teams have been eliminated.

Team London
Team London
In first place and the winner of an autographed copy of Valkyrie, the brand new release by The Crüxshadows, is Team London! Congratulations Jazz and Jen, very nicely done!

As for our remaining teams, here’s how each team placed on the third leg of The Amazing Hoop Race. Please keep in mind that all of the scores were incredibly close. How close? In many cases we are talking single point differences.

In 2nd Place: Team Seattle: Their gothic video was the only one to receive a perfect score of 10 and it came from JoHanna herself for Overall Video Presentation.

3rd Place: Team Wisconsin. Anossens loved listening to you speak French, your costumes, your make-up and your dynamism.

4th Place: Team Bristol: Earned the highest score for Parisian flavor, from our Parisian judge herself – Anossens.

But Wait! We have a tie!

Tied for 5th Place this week we have Team Australia and Team Texas. Congratulations to all of our teams that will be continuing on, which brings us to some unfortunate news.

Team Orange County, you were the last team to arrive this week. I’m sorry to inform you that you have been eliminated from the race. We’ve totally all loved having you on board and your presence will most definitely be missed. You’re total amazing hoop racers in our book!

Stay tuned to find out where The Amazing Hoop Race will be heading next, and just what our final five teams, I mean six teams because of the tie, will be up to.

14 thoughts on “Amazing Hoop Race France: The Results

  1. Whoop! So thrilled to have come first this week. I had such fun planning our story line. Jen was having to keep me calm.
    Well done to everybody – but what happens with the tie break? How will it be decided which team goes through?

  2. By the by, I’ve written a feature on hooping for the paper I work for (London Evening Standard) and it’s going in the paper tomorrow with some of the new pics that I’ve just uplaoded to here. I’ve mentioned and the Amazing Hoop Race so hopefully that should draw a few of our two million readers to the site!

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