The Amazing Hoop Race Casting Begins

Amazing Hoop Race Logo Small is proud to announce that casting is officially open for The Amazing Hoop Race, our brand new contest that will present a series of revolutionary challenges for teams of two. While hoop skills are certainly helpful in a competition of this nature, we all know that when it comes to crossing the finish line that the most technically proficient aren’t always at the front of the pack. What you will need to participate is personality, creativity, a video camera (or regular access to one), a YouTube account (for either or both of you) and a membership (for each of you).

Do you have a hooping friend that you couldn’t imagine not hooping with? Have you always wanted to do something more high profile in the hooping community, but you didn’t want to do it alone? Then welcome to The Amazing Hoop Race where we invite you and your best hoop friend to join us in the fun and the frenzy of a new hooping adventure! Ready to throw your hoops into the ring? You can do so quite simply by posting a casting week video on YouTube with the headline “ Amazing Hoop Race Casting Week”. In your video 1) Tell us briefly about yourselves individually and include your usernames, 2) Tell us about your hooping story together (how do you know one another? how did you start hooping together? etc), 3) Show us a little of the place where you live, and 4) Do it in under five minutes. Casting week entries must meet these requirements and be posted no later than 9:00pm PST on Saturday, October 8th, to be considered.

Our selected finalists, announced next Monday, will participate in a series of challenges over the next few weeks, ultimately making their way to the Amazing Hoop Race finale and a shot at winning our ultimate prize package (revealed later this week!). So are you ready to have fun? Then on your mark, get set, go get that casting week video posted.

20 thoughts on “The Amazing Hoop Race Casting Begins

  1. uploading right now. unfortunately my hooping partner had to fly back to virginia for a super sudden family emergency, so she isn’t live in our audition clip, but hopefully we are still able to qualify at least for the first round, she will be back in time to be in the next videos!! I am uploading our video right now.

  2. Awesome! And to all of you posting your videos here, you do not need to do so which is why those links have been hidden. We have them, don’t worry. Just post it on YouTube with the correct title and you’re good to go. In case you haven’t noticed, we know the internet really well and can find anything. If you’re still concerned you can email me the link via my account.

    And for those running under the wire, videos must be posted by 9pm tonight. That being said and for full transparency, we know that sometimes they don’t load within YouTube right away so videos that have an upload time on YouTube prior to midnight tonight will not be disqualified from the casting process.

    We’re very excited about this and we look forward to seeing some of you on our very first Amazing Hoop Race!

  3. Hi Philo,

    Angel and I have posted our video on Youtube just a moment ago (amazing the multi-tasking you can do when you are vending over the weekend too…:)

    Anyway, let me know if you were able to find it and looking forward to the fun!



  4. If you’ve posted an Amazing Hoop Race casting video and I have not already left a comment on your video’s YouTube page that is telling you that we have found it and have added it to our casting auditions folder, please let me know via my email here on where your video is located. While I think we’ve got them all now we don’t want to miss anyone and as many of you know YouTube’s search function is being totally wonky this weekend.

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