Basement Jaxx to Score The Hooping Life

Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx, the British electronic dance music duo from London, England, consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, have officially signed on to score music for The Hooping Life. As reported last month, the film has been rounding the corner of post-production and jumping through it’s final hoop: the securing of music on it’s way to the big screen. Though the version of The Hooping Life that hit film festivals last year was met with wide acclaim, the producers felt strongly that with hooping being a music driven phenomenon, the film needed a soundtrack that would inspire the world to hoop. In preparing for the film’s release to the general public, securing that perfect musical score has been the primary occupation of The Hooping Life team, and they couldn’t be more excited that Basement Jaxx has agreed to score the film.

We asked Director Amy Goldstein, “Why Basement Jaxx?” She explained, “They were our ultimate hoop soundtrack choice as their beats are great for hooping, and their music is as buoyant as hooping is. They have also just gotten into scoring movies and we had a pal in the music world who loved the film and was willing to represent.” What they armed that pal with, however, was no ordinary copy of The Hooping Life to show to Felix and Simon. Leaving nothing to chance, they did something rather mind boggling. The Hooping Life team put together a version of the movie using every existing version, remix, and mash-up of the Basement Jaxx single, Do Your Thing and sent it their way. This ultimate tribute to the duo’s infectious beats worked its intended magic too. Amy exclaimed, “We couldn’t be more juiced to have Basement Jaxx creating a hooping anthem!”

How is it working with Basement Jaxx so far? She said, “They are super nice and talented guys. They recently recorded ‘Do Your Thing’ and many of their other hits with a classical orchestra and they are currently working on a new album in the studio.” Giving the recent orchestral re-workings a listen, the tracks speak volumes as to just how multi-dimensional they are.

For an indie film on a small budget, however, it is no small undertaking for them to be securing the music talent this hooping documentary truly deserves. Rather than put out the proverbial tip jar, the film’s producers teamed up with Anah “Hoopalicious Reichenbach to create The Hooping Life Playing Cards. Designed to raise awareness and funds for the film’s completion, each of the 54 cards (including two jokers) features stunning photos of hoopers from all over the world. You can also support The Hooping Life in its efforts to perfect and complete the film with your purchase of a Hoop Loops VJ Mix DVD that will immerse your senses in post modern hoopdance. The body-rocking soundtrack guides you through cinematic split screens, from the mountains to the city, in one spectacular hooping showcase. Both of these are available in The Hooping Life Store, and as Amy noted, “If you can become a fan of The Hooping Life Facebook page you’ll get 10% off too.”

Over the years has hooped countless untold hours to Basement Jaxx and loved every minute of it. To have them on board with The Hooping Life and to actually be writing a song about hooping and for hooping is exciting news indeed.

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