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Amazing Hoop Race: Halloween in Paris

The Amazing Hoop Race,’s new revolutionary contest sending teams of two on a virtual hula hoop race around the world, spun it’s way to France this week for a frightfully fun Halloween in Paris. But before we tell you all about it, for those just tuning in here’s what you’ve missed so far. First we met our 14 amazing teams, the race was explained and then they raced to the airport to get people hooping before flying to Porto Alegre, Brazil, for their Samba Hoop Dance Challenge challenge. There were three teams eliminated and the rest were off to Johannesburg, South Africa where they ran into their first detour. While some teams cooked up Isidudu or Pampoenkoekies, others hooped with wild animals before everyone competed in a South African Hoop Bliss Challenge inspired by Kwaito. Three more teams were eliminated and the rest were off to Paris.


The Catacombs

In Paris, our teams encountered their first roadblock. A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. After being asked the question “Who is ready to descend?”, each team chose a member for the Roadblock challenge and those that were selected soon learned they were going to be hooping somewhere few people ever even see. They were going underground and into the Catacombs below the city, quite possibly one of the scariest places on earth. Each hooper doing the Roadblock met with Fred Charvet from the Boulogne Hoopers Vanguard who is also an avid urban explorer. A few friends of his came to film and teams were also given hand held cameras before they descended into the ancient, man-made subterranean passageways beneath Paris that hold the remains of more than 6 million people.



When they returned to the land of the living they finally met our judges for this leg of the race. First there was Anossens of No stranger to online video challenges having made quite a name for herself during’s Hooping Idol competition last Spring, Anossens informed our teams they would be performing Halloween night at a popular gothic nightclub. The owner of the club had one request though, to see a Gothic Hoop Demo Music Video from each team before he’d allow them on stage. Their challenge for this week – to make that video, which couldn’t be more timely considering goth is the future!

JoHanna Moresco

JoHanna Moresco

Enter our second judge who flew into Paris just for this. She’s not only a hooper, she’s no stranger to the gothic music video world as violin player for The Crüxshadows, one of the most popular Dark-wave bands in the world. Formed in the early 1990’s, their 15 years of success among the gothic, ebm, new wave, & dark electronic genres has earned them a near legendary underground status throughout the world. With well over a thousand performance shows worldwide and three #1 Billboard Hot Dance Singles to their credit, we couldn’t be more honored to have JoHanna Moresco keeping a close eye on things. Did you know The Crüxshadows just released “Valkyrie” – their amazing brand new EP? Score yours on iTunes. The team that comes in first this week is going score themselves an autographed copy of Valkyrie!

Our teams were to choose a gothic soundtrack and film their music videos on the streets of Paris. Their videos are being scored by our judges in four areas this week, 1) Hooping and Partner Integration, 2) Gothic Persona, 3) Parisian Flavor, and 4) Overall Presentation. How did they do on our challenge in France for All Hallow’s Eve? Let’s find out!

Boro Hoopers Get Murfreesboro Hooping

Boro Hoopers

Boro Hoopers

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, The Daily News Journal Reports that the hoop is back. “As a child, Shea Brock (pictured center) never learned how to Hula Hoop. But she was inspired to give it a go after seeing a burlesque show in Nashville that featured a hooping troupe. I said, ‘I wanna do that.’ But it was so far out of my comfort zone that it took me a year to go to a class,” said Brock, who now teaches hooping. “It took me about six weeks to get the hang of it. Justin Timberlake’s, ‘Sexy Back,’ is a hooper’s best friend. We worked it out in the backyard, me and J.T.,” Brock said, laughing as she spun a colorful hoop around her hips. Since then she’s drawn other friends into the hooping craze — even bystanders become interested if Brock and her friends are hooping in public. ‘If we’re hooping in the park, people eventually walk over and say, ‘I could never do that,’ and I hand them a hoop,’ Brock said.”

Weekend Wrapup for October 24th – 28th


Hey Hoopers! For those of you who were too busy this week working on your Halloween costumes, we proudly present Weekend Wrapup, our weekly Saturday morning post where we present the best of this week (as based on reader response). What was the hoopersphere all abuzz about this week?

1) Topping the list was the latest installment from’s new contest, The Amazing Hoop Race. 11 teams of two are still on our virtual hula hoop race around the world. Where were they this week? Spinning things up in South Africa!

2) We featured some Halloween hoopers getting their spin on early, but none got the attention that Caroleeena did: Hula Hoop Flamingo.

3) Did you hear the news? Basement Jaxx is doing the soundtrack for The Hooping Life movie. How cool is that?

4) While has been going at it since 2003, this was the first time we’ve ever seen a Hoop-o-lantern!

5) LaLa took some time out to hoop up some Halloween spirit too.

6) Three teams were eliminated from The Amazing Hoop Race and the remaining 8 received their next itinerary.

7) Hoopers caught a Hoop Bliss Buzz from Erin in Melbourne: Aussie Hoop Bliss.

8) One more stunning photo captured attention this week and this one was of Jocelyn Gordon.

9) And then finally, because it’s Halloween weekend, we just have to include Love Magick, the latest music video from Miss FD which featured a little hoop dance in it too – and zombies! Yikes!

Whatever you end up doing this Halloween weekend, if you find yourself digging a little too deep in the candy dish, just remember that your hoop has your back. Hooping burns 210 calories in half an hour! Our community forums are open all weekend too. Have a hoopy weekend!