Spin Cycle Hoopjam at Burning Man 2011

While it’s taken a little while for the dust to settle, literally, from Burning Man 2011 in Black Rock City, Nevada, it’s also taken a while to go through the 10 GB of video we shot at the infamous Spin Cycle Camp Hoopjam, the biggest hooping event on the playa of the year. With the incredible sounds of ill.Gates, as well as Sidecar Tommy from Beats Antique, filling our ears, the music at the event was as amazing as all the people as hoopers from far and wide turned up in droves for the big spin out. Parental Warning: Pasties. Soundtrack: “eggplantation” by ill.Gates (on iTunes).



4 Responses

  1. Michala says:

    Love! Thanks so much for compiling this awesome vid! <3

  2. Memory says:

    Almost as good as being there in person! Well, not quite, but it’s up there, right? Thanks for compiling this video!

  3. Megan Pru says:

    LOVE it! This was by far the most inspiring hoop group I’ve ever been to! Thank you. :)

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