Miho Suzuki’s Hula Hoop

Miho Suzuki Hula Hooping

Miho Suzuki Hula Hooping

Is your hooping video art? Miho Suzuki’s is. Art Daily reports that the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City is presenting a show entitled “The Pleasure of Slowness” with works ranging from video and photography to sculpture, installation, and assemblage. Suzuki’s video revisits a childhood desire. She explains, “In 1958 the hula-hoop craze hit the US. The following year Japanese officials warned of the toy’s use in public. The warning posters were seen everywhere on the streets. The body movements it takes for one to sustain a hula-hoop were at one time considered dangerous and too sexual for a conservative society. Growing up in the late 70s in Japan, a hula-hoop was to me a good old American object I saw in movies. I neither owned one nor played with a hula-hoop. For over 6 months I carried a hula-hoop around and practiced to hula hoop playfully, in various public spaces including the middle of Grand Central Station, just like American girls I saw in the old movies.” The show runs through October 8th.



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