Houston Hula Hoop World Record Attempt

Houston World Hula Hoop Record
Houston World Record Hula Hoopers
Despite record breaking heat, KTRK reports hoopers turned up in droves in an attempt to set a new world record at Discovery Green in downtown Houston. Gathering on the lawn for the Care2Spin HulaHoop Challenge, they spun it up in an attempt to break the record for most hula hoopers spinning in unison in the same place. With the current record being 2,450, the folks at Guinness World Records have not yet confirmed whether that number was broken in Houston. The event was organized by Easter Seals, a non-profit group providing services for kids and adults with disabilities. “Easter seals means the world to my family and I,” said Katherine Dowdell, parent and Easter Seals Board President. “My son Robert is right here and he has cerebral palsy. When Robert was 7 he first went to camp sponsored by Easter Seals. Before that time he was scared to do anything. This program totally transformed him allowing him to feel like a normal child to really fell like people look at his abilities rather than his disabilities.”

Watch news videos from the event below:

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