Hooping Life Playing Cards Spin Up Funds

The Hooping Life Playing CardsThe Hooping Life, the popumentary film about the hooping movement that recently sold out screenings at the Sarasota, Santa Cruz and Montreal Film Festivals, is currently charting it’s course toward being available for viewing on a big screen near year with a brand new cut that is even better than the film festival version. Are you super excited? We certainly are! In fact all systems are go for the film starting in January 2012, with only one final hurdle left standing in our way – music licensing. While the new and improved soundtrack is truly awesome – we just have to pay to be able to use it. Apparently having music in a film is a complex and rather costly endeavor, but I know we’re all in total agreement that a hooping movie without hooping music would be, well, ridiculous! All we need are the funds to pay the final music licensing fees and then The Hooping Life is golden. The solution? Enter the latest in super cool movie schwag for the film: The Hooping Life Playing Cards. We’re talking 52 cards + 2 jokers with each card featuring a happy hooper who is living the hooping life. Included in the deck is also the “Crazy Hoops” game which is sure to amuse you and your hoop friends at after jams for years to come. The deck is a standard size traditional pack of poker cards with a truly special spin on it, and not only can you score yourself the hoopiest card set on the planet by purchasing yours for $19.99, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back all day for a job well done as a supporter of the arts, knowing that your purchase goes directly to paying those licensing fees. Once that’s done The Hooping Life can spin on out into the world for all to see! We can’t wait! And while Hooping.org wasn’t involved in the card selection process, we must admit that we were truly humbled and rather giddy when we first saw the Jack of Diamonds today when we got our set. Order your set today and help support The Hooping Life.

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