Fall Reintegration: Our 30/30 Challenge is Back!

Autumn [Hooping.org columnist Rayna McInturf gets us back on track for Fall.]

by Rayna McInturf

I don’t know about you, but summer was a crazy whirlwind of activity for me. Between teaching, traveling, being a mom to an active toddler and visiting with family, my hooping practice was sporadic at best. At Hoopcamp 2011, I got really inspired by all the phenomenal classes and amazing hoopers. Now that I’m finally back home and things are settling down, I’m looking forward to coming back to myself through my hooping practice – but I need some help from my community! Would you like some support too? Then please join me in the Fall 2011 Hooping.org 30/30 Hooping Challenge!

Here’s a refresher on how the Challenge works:

The 30/30 Challenge will run for the month of October, giving us the opportunity to reintegrate after a busy summer. Beginning Saturday October 1st, and running through Sunday October 30th, we’ll hoop for 30 minutes a day and find ourselves much restored – just in time for Halloween fun and candy! For those who need even more motivation, we have another contest for you this time around as well!

Once again I’ll be posting additional support, tips, exercises, music, and more along the way in Hooping.org’s Daily Practice Forum. If you are up for this challenge, please post your commitment there so that we can help hold each other accountable. Remember, even if you have to break your 30 minutes up into 5 or 10 minute increments, find a way to make it work in your schedule. I find that I am a social hooper, so I do best when I fill my schedule with hooping dates too. I encourage everyone to find or create some classes, workshops, hoop jams, hoop dates with friends or events that you can immerse yourself in to make the most out of the next 30 days as well.

Those who complete the Challenge will also be entered into a drawing and two lucky winners will receive a six month to Hooping University where you can learn from the pros. To be eligible for the prize drawing, you must:

  1. Register by posting your intention to complete the challenge in this Daily Practice Forum thread.
  2. Hoop for a total of 30 minutes during each day of the challenge.
  3. Post about your practice for the day in Hooping.org’s Daily Practice Forum, checking in for each day of the challenge in the appropriately corresponding dated thread. It can be very brief, or more detailed if you feel like sharing more about your experience.

At the end, all who completed the challenge will be entered into the random drawing and our winners will be announced. Good luck everyone! Of course everyone who participates will already be winners just for joining in. Thirty days from now we’ll have jump-started our very own hoop practice, we’ll look and feel better and we will have improved our overall health and well being, gaining more connection with ourselves – and with each other. We can do it!! We can accomplish so much more together and we are a powerful community, so let’s go! Join me in the challenge today!

To your wellness,



Rayna McInturf Rayna McInturf of Hoop Revolution began hooping in 2000 and co-moderates Hooping.org’s Hooping Instructors group. She was voted Female Hooper of the Year in 2008 by Hooping.org readers.

13 thoughts on “Fall Reintegration: Our 30/30 Challenge is Back!

  1. Yay! Perfect timing for me, as I return from HoopCamp inspired and ready to get back into a daily practice. It’s going to be a challenge this month – lots of stuff going on, starting with an Oktoberfest event at which we’re selling t-shirts on the 1st. Perhaps I’ll hoop in our booth! 🙂

  2. If you are a beginner hooper, I HIGHLY recommend participating. The only reason I have the flow, ability and love for hooping is because of the March 30/30. I had finally learned how to waist hoop when the last 30/30 started. Even though my last goals didn’t go through, I learned so much more than that. By the end of 30/30, I was able to chest hoop. This is so worth it!

  3. So glad I’m doing this! On nights like tonight when my fiance is watching TV it forces me to do drills rather than dance (so I’m not blasting music and getting in his way when he’s trying to watch the Tigers beat the Yankees). I feel like I rarely work on drilling new moves or perfecting ones I’m not always clean on so I feel better having worked on reversals and angles tonight (or angles in reverse!—ha!).

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