Houston Hopes To Set New Hula Hoop Record

Hoops and Hoopers With Taiwan setting a new hula hoop record last weekend, Easter Seals of Greater Houston is hooping to break that this Sunday at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas. They’re hoping to round up 3,100 hoopers to beat the Guinness World Record for simultaneous Hula Hooping in one location. Elise Hough, chief executive officer of Easter Seals Greater Houston, said, “Guinness has been great. Because we serve people with disabilities, they agreed that you could spin the Hula Hoop on any part of your body. We have a lot of people who use wheelchairs. So they will probably spin it on their wrists. Whatever works, they’ll accept it as participating in the challenge. We just want it to be really a great fun, friendly, family kind of day.” For those who think that they can’t hula hoop, instructors will be on hand giving lessons and DJs will provide the tunes. The Texas Legislature recently cut about $1 million of the agency’s funding, so in addition to setting a record, the agency hopes to raise some donations, though the event is free. The Hula-Hoop Challenge will jump-start fun fundraising activities to regain their loss. “It’s going to be really cool to see some kids with disabilities out there who do exactly what we promote: Focus on their ability rather than their disability,” Hough said. “During this event people will see that we are all capable of doing something.” It’s happening this Sunday, August 28th, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Discovery Green in Houston, Texas, USA. More information: Houston Chronicle, H Texas Magazine, Culture Map Houston

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  1. Nice to read this article! I just taught a hoop class to a bunch of differently-abled folks last week, some of whom were in wheelchairs with hardly any physical mobility. I love the phrase: “Focus on their ability rather than their disability” and make it= great fun.” That about says it all. For every hooper in the world.

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