Monthly Archives: August 2011

7 Steps to Start a Hoop Group

by Lara Eastburn Every single day, somewhere in the world, someone discovers hooping for the first time and knows they’re not going to be able to live without it. At this point, two urgent questions will begin to occupy the…

Everybody Loves The Party

It’s Joda’s first hooping video, with thanks to her friends Piotrek and Kate. She lives in Poznan, Poland. Soundtrack: “Everybody Loves The Partys” by Juanitos. A video of the day.


Antonellina hooping in the park in Rimini, Italy. From this photo set by Fabio Frignani. A Photo of the Day.

Burning Man Flashback

Hoopers from just about everywhere are heading to Burning Man this weekend for a hooptastic week chock full of hooping, community and more. Not sure what we’re talking about? Then check out this flashback video, shot at the big…

Life’s a Whirl for Americus Wilson

Nine-year-old hula hooping sensation Americus Wilson is touring with the new production from the Loritz Circus entitled “Out of Africa”. You probably recall that Wilson was a 2008 finalist on New Zealand’s Got Talent and was soon spotted by Oprah…