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Weekend Wrapup for August 22nd – 26th

Vacation is now officially off hooping it up with all the other hoopers at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. If all goes as planned we’ll return on Tuesday, September 6th, with a smile on our face, dust all over everything and all kinds of great stuff to share with you. Until then, just in case you were distracted by your own personal summer festivities or something, here are the top posts of the past week (based on reader response) that you really don’t want to have missed!

1) Our readers were very excited about Amy Melnyk Opening Her Own Hooping Studio in Canton, Ohio.

2) Amy Melnyk wasn’t the only Amy scoring top honors this week. Amy Blaze was most definitely a favorite as well with this awesome video!

3) My article on how to Hoop Up Your After School Program was well received – thanks everyone.

4) And people were very excited to hear about Houston’s Attempt at a New Hula Hoop Record. We hope it was a success!

5) This pic of Steve HoopTiger in San Francisco scored some major points.

6) And Abby’s interview with Hoopcamp Heather got everybody hitting the like button.

7) In Arizona AT Burned It Up and heated up our readers as well. Flame on!

8 ) Lara’s piece on 7 Steps To Start a Hoop Group was truly inspiring.

9) This video of Jade Dussault hooping in the fountain is so freakin adorable you best be watching it right now if you haven’t already. We love it!

10) And, of course, Abby’s final week of our month long Hula Hoop Fitness Challenge kicked our ass, and we were grateful for it.

So there you have it, and in case you missed anything the week before, it had some really awesome stuff as well. While our forums are of course open while we are away at Burning Man, wishes each and everyone of you a most super week and a great big hoopy holiday weekend! Don’t forget to get out and hoop! And for those who wish to reach us in the interim, please send your postcards, rice krispy treats and other miscellaneous hoopla via snail mail to: Philo Hagen, Spin Cycle Camp, 7:45 & Graduation, c/o BRCPO, Burning Man, Gerlach, NV 89412.

7 Steps to Start a Hoop Group

Bay Area Hoopers

Bay Area Hoopers

by Lara Eastburn

Every single day, somewhere in the world, someone discovers hooping for the first time and knows they’re not going to be able to live without it. At this point, two urgent questions will begin to occupy the mental space of every single one of them. 1) How and where do I get a hoop of my own? and 2) How do I find people to hoop with?

These days, answers to the first question couldn’t be easier to find. Whether you make your own hoop or purchase one, the era of the once-elusive grownup hoop is definitively (and thankfully!) over. The new hooper can now move from hoop-discovery to beginning their hoop-journey in just a matter of days. Few will be satisfied, however, with hooping on their own, and the frantic and inevitable search for a local hoop-family quickly ensues. When something as exciting and personally transforming as hooping enters your life, you can’t help but want to share it.

From this most basic and universal desire for hooping “community,” circles large and small have emerged over the years in every state of the Union and on five separate continents. And even though local hooping groups have increased exponentially in numbers, many hoopers still feel isolated in smaller towns or have difficulty locating, creating, or maintaining active hoop groups in their area.

So, just as a fresh and bumper crop of new hoopers are coming home inspired by Summer festivals and their new-found love of circles, we at thought it a good time to revisit the local life-blood of our larger community. Here are 7 easy steps to forming a successful, active hoop group in your own home town.

Burning Man Flashback

Hoopers from just about everywhere are heading to Burning Man this weekend for a hooptastic week chock full of hooping, community and more. Not sure what we’re talking about? Then check out this flashback video, shot at the big Spin Cycle Camp hoopjam at Burning Man a couple years ago by Tim “Lucian” Keough.

Life’s a Whirl for Americus Wilson

Americus Wilson

Americus Wilson

Nine-year-old hula hooping sensation Americus Wilson is touring with the new production from the Loritz Circus entitled “Out of Africa”. You probably recall that Wilson was a 2008 finalist on New Zealand’s Got Talent and was soon spotted by Oprah Winfrey researchers, resulting in her appearance on Oprah. “It was pretty cool; they flew my whole family over there for a few days,” she said. Americus is performing a new trick in the “Out of Africa” show called the Lyra. “It’s a trick with a big metal hoop hanging in the air. I’m not scared of doing it,” she said. She said she had been practicing her new trick for quite some time and liked to hear the audience’s response.

Hooping Tutorials: Hoop Shoulder Stalls

When Drex was at Summer Wildfire this past weekend, Ted showed him a way to stall a hoop while shoulder hooping he’d never seen before. “Normally when I stall, I do so by reaching up under and behind the hoop as it’s about to pass by my shoulder and push it back the way it just came. This stall involves taking the hand out of the hoop and trapping it between the body and inside of the upper arm, squeezing it to send it back the other direction.” Check it out. He lives in Washington, DC, USA.

Hoopcamp Heather: Inside The Hoop

Hoopcamp Heather

Hoopcamp Heather

by Abby Schwartz

Some use the hoop to effect positive change in the world. Others expand our ideas of what is possible by expressing a unique perspective. And some, like Hoopcamp Heather, aka Heather Troy, bring people together to share the hoop love and inspire personal growth and transformation. Her fourth annual Hoopcamp Retreat will be held September 22–25, 2011 in Santa Cruz, California, USA. I had the pleasure of interviewing Heather recently and got to know a little more about her and what motivates her to organize the largest yearly gathering of hoopers from around the world.

AS: Tell us a little bit about your history as a hooper.

HT: Like many people, I hooped as a child. I grew up in Jamaica on a coconut tree plantation and spent many hours hooping. I found hooping again in Santa Cruz six years ago. I saw someone hooping on the beach and she was offering classes. Those led to my signing up for a weekend retreat being held in a beautiful training center in Ojai by Diana Lopez of Body Hoops. I also participated in a four-day hoop gathering at a resort in Yelapa, Mexico. These were magical experiences for me and they set the stage for creating my own hooping events.

AS: You are known now as Hoopcamp Heather, for the annual retreat you founded and continue to helm. When and how did you get started?