How To Hula Hoop Rap Song

Jon Coyne of Hoopsmiles has a rap song for you about how to hula hoop, featuring Spinyang. This is awesome! They live in Seattle, Washington, USA (Thanks Danielle).



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  1. Hooper says:

    Bravo! This has hoop flow and lyrical flow and is rich in charm.

  2. Oh my god. I love this guy! I am going to send to my male friends who insist they wouldn’t be able to hoop because they don’t have the hips for it.

  3. This is great, thanks so much, I’m sending it to my website followers!

  4. Dwiizie says:

    Love love love!!!! So well done, on so many levels. I was so impressed by that choreography being so crisp! *happy dance*

  5. I love it!!!! its so cool and sooo funny!!!!! and the song its so happy :) now I got a big smile on my face. thanks!!!

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