Hooping in Tunisia

VIDEO OF THE DAY: In one of the most beautiful hooping videos of the year so far, Roon Roon of Roon Roon Hoops spins her way through Tunisia, the northernmost country in Africa. She lives in Tokyo, Japan. Soundtrack: “Meltwater” by Susumu Yokota – Featuring Caroline Ross & Kaori (Mother – Susumu Yokota).

5 thoughts on “Hooping in Tunisia

  1. Roon Roon. This took me some place really magical. Absolutely beautiful imagery and wash of sound. I was transported. This is one of the most beautiful hooping videos I’ve seen. Thank you for creating and sharing your vision.

  2. I love travel memoirs and I love hooping. This was like having my cake and eating it too! Thank you so much for sharing this with the community.

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