Hooping as a Tool for Manifestation

Manifestation [Hooping.org columnist Rayna McInturf has questions. Together let’s find some answers.]

by Rayna McInturf

My friend Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach and I were talking the other day about the effects that hooping has on one’s life. We are both big proponents of the transformative qualities of hooping – but lately I’ve been wondering about manifestation or creation. Is it possible that intentional focus created during one’s hooping practice can be used not only to change something, but alternatively, to create something new? My conversation with Anah got me very inspired, so much so that I’d like to try a little experiment…and what better group to conduct this experiment with than the members of Hooping.org! So here’s what I’m inviting you to join me in doing.

Choose: First, let’s try to think of something that you would like to create or manifest in your life. For the timeframe of this hooping experiment, let’s start small. Reaching for something small that doesn’t totally intimidate us can help us gain confidence in our ability to manifest good things in life, allowing you and I to be able to look at tackling more challenging goals in the future. It can be anything you like – getting your new herb garden to thrive, a date, five new students in your hoop class, nailing that challenging yoga position or hoop move, taking a fun weekend trip, etc. Make sure that your goal is specific and measurable so we can know if it is achieved or not. Let your imagination roam, but make sure your goal is both realistic and exciting.

Create: Create a positive affirmation, a prayer, or a meditation that you’ll be focusing on during your hooping practice. I’ll be calling this your “hoopfirmation”, though the specifics will vary depending upon your own spiritual practice, belief system or religion or lack thereof. It doesn’t matter what your path is – you can adapt our experiment to work with what you believe. For example, let’s take the above goal of getting your herb garden to thrive. Here are some possible hoopfirmations for this goal:

  • My herb garden is growing abundantly and providing delicious flavors for my meals and nourishment for my body.
  • Dear God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe (use what’s appropriate for you), may you bless my garden with abundant growth so that my meals may be deliciously flavored and nourish my body.

Hoop!: When you engage in your hooping practice, integrate your hoopfirmation. If you’d like you can speak it in your mind or aloud at the beginning of your session, and again at the end. You can also take quiet moments of affirmation, prayer or meditation while doing something simple like waist hooping.

If you don’t already have a personal hooping practice, now is a great time to start one! This won’t be nearly as pointed as one of our 30/30 Hooping Challenges and nobody will be keeping track of your practice but you. Engaging in this experiment can also help us start a regular hooping practice, maintain one already in existence or breath new life into one that’s gone stale. What does a regular hooping practice look like? Well, whatever you want – really! It could be a daily practice done on your own, a bi-weekly practice you do with a friend, a weekly hoop jam, a regular hooping class, etc. It’s yours and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

Journal: Ideally right after you finish your hooping practice, sit down for a few minutes and write about it. What came up for you when you focused on your hoopfirmation? Did your mind have anything to say in response to it? Was it negative or positive? Don’t judge yourself, just notice, and write that down. Also use this time to write about any changes you are seeing in yourself or your life, and any breakthroughs or results you are seeing that may be related to this experiment. This can also be the perfect time to give thanks if that is something you do. Do you feel like you are getting closer to manifesting or creating your goal? Have you done it already? Does it feel like it’s a million miles away? Does it seem like everything BUT your goal is showing up? Keep in mind that any and all of these things are a normal part of this journey.

Don’t believe in any of this “create your own reality” stuff? Don’t practice regular prayer, devotion or meditation? Humor me. Treat this as the experiment it is intended to be and see what happens. I only ask that you set aside your skepticism for the duration of the experiment and give it your all.

Starting on July 15, we’re going to be doing our hooping as a tool for manifestation experiment for 14 days. Your hooping practice can consist of however much hooping works for you during that time period. Just follow the above instructions in your own practice and see what happens if anything. You can do this completely anonymously and not share your results at all, but if you’d like to join in this experiment publicly, please visit the forum I’ve specifically created for it: Intentional Hooping Experiment

Share as much or as little of your process as you’d like, but most of all have fun!

To Your Health,



Rayna McInturf Rayna McInturf began hooping in 2000 and co-moderates Hooping.org’s Hooping Instructors group. She was voted Female Hooper of the Year in 2008 by Hooping.org readers and you can find her online at HoopRevolution.com. You might also be interested in her recent interview: Rayna McInturf: Life After Hoopnotica.

13 thoughts on “Hooping as a Tool for Manifestation

  1. I’m on the same train with Heather, right behind YOU, Rayna…all aboard!! ever since you said “hello” to me & I picked up a hoop…I began to believe I could really achieve…and I have….and continue to do so…in more areas of my life than I ever dreamed possible…I am sharing this one, Rayna…it’s a gold nugget….

  2. absolutely brilliant. beautiful. bravo! we need more of this. people will realize that without spirituality nothing makes sense and the world seems dull. i agree with this whole-heartedly. so glad to see this kind of talk. i learned to hoop thru intentional meditation. i could do it round my waist but i practiced daily for hours until i got core hooping down. i would do the same movement over and over and over until i got it right, before moving on to the next. and now, i get compliments everywhere i go. i’m so happy to be good at something, so happy to have a passion, so confident in my hoopability, and proud to be me. that’s the feeling that comes with what you speak of. this article is awesome. 🙂

  3. This is wonderful!!! I practice this with my hooping daily. I can attest that this does truly work. I’m not quite sure what it is about the practice that is so effective, but it is. My only advise would be to approach this practice with an open mind. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Trust that what you are manifesting will come and try not to judge the package you receive it in. Recently, the manifestation I personally am working on is unfolding beautifully. Not quite in the form I would’ve expected, & not comfortably,..but..it is. 🙂
    In order to gain my “grand” manifestation I have given up my old job, home, & am on a “give it up to the universe” path. I realize this may sound extreme. Most would feel more comfortable with smaller goals at first..understandably, but these small goals grow. Be ready for a life shift if you really engage in this. Be brave…Step forward..Believe in your ability to draw whatever you want into your life..and Hoop!
    Be ready for beautiful unfoldments in all areas of your life…
    Thoughts Become Things…Choose The Good Ones!!! 🙂

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