Conquer Your Fitness Fears with Hooping

Woman practicing yogaThe Mother Nature Network takes a look at ways to conquer your fear of fitness and one of the things that is on their list is hooping, of course! “The most common fear we encounter is, ‘I was never really that good at hula-hooping when I was young, so I probably wouldn’t be any good at it now,'” explained Jacqui Becker, Hoopnotica-certified instructor. “But more often than not, adults have only previously tried hula-hooping using a child’s toy hoop.” It’s true. Adult hoops used for exercise are larger and heavier making it much easier to use. Some also shy away from hooping because they feel the workout is too dance-inspired, but there are different class styles to choose from. “In addition to dance classes, during which the instructor often teaches a routine, there are also fitness-based classes, in which the hula-hoop is used as more of a weight or prop,” says Becker. Plus, “hooping is low-impact, so it’s easy on the joints” – making it a good option for all fitness levels. Full story: MNN

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