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Lynette Hoopstasy
Lynette Hoopstasy
Lynette Whiting, also known as Lynette Hoopstasy in our circles, is not only a hoop dance instructor and performer, she’s also a doctoral student in clinical psychology who is looking for hoop dancers to include in her doctoral study. She’s researching women’s experience with exercise in order that hoopers can be represented in the academic community. Are you over 18 years of age? She’s looking for adult women who are currently living in the United States to take time out to complete her brief survey, and thus help put hooping on the map. As she explained, “I am extremely passionate about hoop dance and believe that the more studies we get published about hoop dance in the academic community, the more credibility the fitness world will give us as a result.” We couldn’t agree more and encourage those of you who are within her target criteria to participate – and help spread the word. We will, of course, be sharing the results of her findings right here on She lives in Glendale, California.

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  1. Just finished it, and I’m passing it on to others.
    I’m currently working on my masters in experimental psychology and would love to hear about how this turns out and what other research you have found on the topic!
    Good Luck!

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