Michelle Keenan is in a Soul Spin

Michelle Keenan

Michelle Keenan

Hooping is in the news in New Zealand where Michelle Keenan is hosting Soul Spin fitness classes using hula hoops. After teaching yoga and pilates for 10 years, she was looking for something new to offer. The Pakuranga resident started making her own hoops using the usual instructions. “My entire front porch was covered with tubing. Between my three-year-old’s cubby house and my giant hula hoops we must have looked like something else.” Keenan then went to Australia to learn the tricks of the trade from Australian hula hooping professional Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire where she learned that hooping has even more to offer. “There’s so much more than just keeping the hoop going on your hips,” she told Stuff.nz, adding that the benefits of hooping include a good cardiovascular workout, building core strength, building and toning muscles, while improving posture. She noted, “It’s all about getting these benefits while having fun.”

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