Maia Bingham Has New London Hooping

Maia Bingham

Maia Bingham

Melissa Cokas gave her her first hoop in 2009, and Maia Bingham of Every Body Hoops hasn’t stopped spinning since. “She didn’t realize she was creating a monster,” Maia told the New London Patch in New London, Connecticut, USA. “The hoop itself makes all the difference in the world. Handmade hoops are usually superior to store-bought because they are heavier with more diameter,” she explained. Maia, who displays most of her work and get’s the word out in the form of workshops, gave demonstrations of fun hooping techniques for everyone to practice at her most recent workshop at the Harbour Towers Ballroom, beginning with stretches that could be performed with your hoop as an aid, followed by demonstrations on how to change your hoop direction, tandem hooping and more.



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