Hudsuckers Find Flow in Hula Hooping

Clara Kallner

Clara Kallner

In Bloomington, Indiana, USA, the Herald Times reports that hoopers are finding themselves in flow. “Watching Clara Kallner (pictured) hoop dance, it is hard to believe she would have ever described herself as shy. As music plays, Kallner deftly moved with her hula hoop, her undulating shoulders rhythmically directing the hoop around before it gracefully propels up her extended arm. ‘I swear to God I didn’t used to move like that,’ Kallner said, taking a break from practice. Kallner is a member of the Hudsucker Posse, a group formed in Bloomington that was initially geared toward using a hula hoop for exercise. And while the group still meets twice a week for exercise, some of the group’s core members also perform hoop dances at various community events… Kallner originally joined the group in January 2010 in an effort to lose weight gained when she was pregnant with her daughter. Soon, she was hooked and found herself learning all the tricks necessary to dance. She admits to being very self-conscious even though she is a musician who has performed with various bands. But for some reason, when she steps in the hoop, she loses herself in the dance.” Full story with video: Herald Times



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