Cleveland Solstice Party Hoop Dancers

Solstice Hoop Dancers

Backstage at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, a dozen hoop dancers are about to take the stage performing to the sounds of Dam-Funk including (from rear left)’s Philo Hagen, Jeana GoGo, Brittany Rose, Amber-Leigh Buckwald, Traci Williams, Colleen Hartman, Melissa Lee Clark, Nick Wheeler, Lynn Spencer-Nelson, (and from bottom left) Amy Melnyck, Penni Patches Laine and Renee Kogler. Those not directly linked can all be reached through the Cleveland Flow Collective. How did the performance go? Someone with the museum said, “It quite possibly might have been the high point of the entire night.”

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Solstice Party Hoop Dancers

  1. Is there any video? You all look great.

    I just know if I’d been on one of those blocks I would have continually dropped the hoop off the block and I’d have been too scared to move! I bet you all did a fantastic show.

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