Our Hooping Idol Finale

Hooping Idol Finalists And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, it’s time for the Hooping Idol Finale, the final stop on the ever spinning journey in our epic new contest. In our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star, it all comes down to our final three: Nick Broyd, Rebecca Phipps and Sam Resnicow. All three of our finalists have dazzled us with their hoop skills, pushed the envelope creatively and taken us places we never would have imagined. Which one will be hooping away with our unprecedented prize package? We will all know the answer to that question soon enough.

For those of you just tuning in though, here’s what has taken place during the Hooping Idol competition so far:

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What’s in that prize package? An Atomic LED Hoop from Astral Hoops with 90 modes and around 100 full color LEDs, a six month pass to Hooping University to learn even more from the pros, a custom Pixie Hoops Collapsible Travel Hoop as well as an 8-piece Pocket Collapsible Custom Hoop from Troo Hoops, a Polypro Performance Hoop and a pair of Polypro Minis from Superhooper.org, groovy threads from Hoopclothes.com, cool movie stuff from The Hooping Life, DVDs and a copy of “Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program” and a spot in the HoopGirl Performance Training Program (taking place in San Francisco, California, May 20-22, 2011) from HoopGirl.com, on top of some cold hard cash and advertising from Hooping.org. Total prize package value is more than $2000!

And now, seated at our distinguished judges table this week are three very familiar Idol faces – Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, Australia, Christabel Zamor of HoopGirl in San Francisco, California, and Sharna Rose of Sharna Rose Hoop Dance in Maidstone, England, UK, as well as another special guest.

Hooping Idol Judges Natasha Young, aka Hoopsie Daisy of HoopsieDaisy.com, is a hoop performer extraordinaire who has wowed the crowds from the Treasure Island Music Festival to Ruby Skye and the Bently Reserve having performed with Benny Benassi, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill and many others. As a hoop instructor she’s been a Hoopie Award nominee every year since the inception of the awards, twice as Instructor of the Year and twice for Tutorial of the Year. Having taught workshops at places ranging from ClifBar headquarters to Lululemon to Hoop Camp, she also shares her wisdom here at Hooping.org as our Mistress of Forums and co-moderates our forum for beginners. She lives in Berkeley, California, USA.

For Finale Week here on Hooping Idol our three finalists offer these final submissions for your perusal. They were given free reign to do whatever they wanted this week, because now that it’s come down to who will be spinning away with the big win, we really didn’t want them tied to a specific theme, focus or restraint. That being said, however, our judges will be keeping an eye out to see how their previous weeks on Hooping Idol play into their Finale Week presentations. Our viewing order was once again drawn randomly and now, without any further ado, we proudly present your Hooping Idol Finale finalists!

1. Rebecca Phipps of Florence, South Carolina, USA

Bunny: WOW I LOVE your hoop dream Rebecca! That was just so totally authentic and powerful and playful and FUN. The fact that you are dreaming with your children says to me that you have fully stepped in to your own inner child… and you are treating her with the most amazing gift any child can be given – the gift of the hoop! Not only is it super wild and fun to play with and spin, but it the source of deep healing and high vibratory regeneration. This video made my morning! Thank you for all your incredible performances throughout this competition. You ROCK!

Christabel: Sweet dream concept and playful introduction. But clearly your strongest suit, Rebecca, is moves. You have an incredible sense of precision, control and the ability to connect in flow. While you have the storytelling element down, I would love to see more camera interaction and dynamism as well as punchy persona. You’ve come a long way in this contest and it has been wonderful to witness all your creativity. Thank you!

Natasha: I love that you told a story and your dream character had a very clear, distinct personality which I really liked. You have some very fun, creative tricks and you change your levels, pace, and planes to keep us interested too. You have a really great range and variety of skills and they’re all so well-executed – really impressive! In a video that is 3:38 long though, only about 1:30 was hooping and would have loved to see more – you’re incredible! Your dream character is very playful so I’d showing that in your facial expressions too. It has been amazing to watch you blossom over the last six weeks and this is a great combination of the earlier challenges: an engaging persona, smooth flow, excellent technical skills, crisp planes, and the vision to create a story with your hoop!

Sharna Rose: As a mother who struggles to find time to hoop this dreamy entry really connected me to you in the most powerful way possible. I absolutely adore this final entry from you Rebecca and I was sad when it ended… I wanted more. This is definitely a reoccurrence of how I’ve felt whilst watching you and seeing you evolving over the space of the competition. You have some fantastic technical skills with an engaging presence that is so truthful and pure. I wish you tons of luck and since I’ve subscribed to you on Youtube I am looking forward to watching more from you in the future… no matter what happens.

2. Sam Resnicow of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Bunny: You hit it Sam! AND… what was that hoop cube?? Sam this video lifted me up off Planet Earth. Your joy and grace and skill amped to a level that was truly galactivating! I’ve really enjoyed watching you flow into your power throughout this competition. Your choice of music always has a really great connection with your energy and is expressed well to the audience. I love you work, love your style, love your skills. Thank you for all your amazing performances and I look forward to seeing more across the Planet!

Christabel: Sam, your moves are off the hook in this video. It has been amazing to watch the progression of your power, agility, and ability to link complex moves. I also love how many different skillsets you demonstrate with single, doubles and the matrix cube. You’ve come so far! Your natural background sets are also super beautiful. What needs more attention to make you a true Hooping Idol, though, is costuming, attitude, audience interaction and telling a coherent story. I love that you have schooled yourself into a higher caliber of hoop moves. Now you just need to bring these skills all together…

Natasha: I like that your video begins with the feeling that we’re getting to see something secret! Great camera angles, especially the overhead shot, showing mesmerizing patterns. I liked that you looked up at the camera too – cheeky! Love the multihoop work – at first I didn’t notice that you were also knee hooping while rocking the twins because you’re so smooth. Nice editing when you throw the hoop cube to yourself – so simple but effective. I enjoyed the multiple locations too – it’s always nice to have a change of scenery. I notice that you repeat some combinations and while it’s ok to use the same moves, remember to switch them up in different combos or with other moves. You clearly have a huge repertoire of impressive tricks. I’ve loved watching your videos each week. Your extraordinary hoop skills combined with your editing have made your weekly performances a joy. I’m still astounded by the smoothness of your twin isolations each time I see you bust them out!

Sharna Rose: It has been an absolute pleasure watching your video’s over the duration of the competition Sam. This video demonstrates the variety of hoop skills you possess and they are numerous and quite ridiculously inspiring. I love the music choice, the variety of scenes and angles in this entry and am pleased that your sweet personality continues to shine through. I have enjoyed your powerful masculine presence, which at times has allowed itself to express feminine qualities in a graceful and honest manner. I wish you so much luck and regardless of the results I am definitely going to be keeping my eyes on you in the future.

3. Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK

Philo: Can’t see this in your country? Try it on Vimeo.

Bunny: Hoopn HO’s in the hood! Oh Nick, I said it last week and I will say it again – YOU WIN! You have kept me thoroughly intrigued and entertained throughout the entire competition. This one is uber smooth, it’s phat, its styln, its hilarious, it’s everything i look for in life really. Congratulations on YOU! The effort you have put into this competition speaks loudly. The video production has gone way beyond the call and you have integrated your rokn moves and unique style in a way that I would say could have some of those bad ass dudes across the Atlantic shaking in their hoops… go for it!

Christabel: Nick, Nick, Nick… where do I begin. You are just so bad ass. Most weeks have just gotten tighter and tighter from you~ your moves get sleeker and more original and your integration of flowing dance is off the hook. You add powerhouse attitude and truly feel like a professional performer in this visually stunning, mtv-style video. I love the attention to detail in costumes, set, production quality and creative camerawork, not to mention inclusion of backup dancers and modification of hoops to hold those reflective letters. You rock my world. In my mind, you’ve won, hands down.

Natasha: You always approach these challenges with such a sense of humor, which I absolutely love! The shot of you hooping reflected in the sunglasses is awesome. The pimp hoops are great, as is the accompanying choreography. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to hold this character once you started hooping, but you are a hardcore pimp the entire time! The addition of the lovely ladies is entertaining and I like that you don’t use them too much. Perfect location too – the colorful graffiti is a great backdrop for your white outfit and the girls’ black outfits. I do wish you’d thrown off the jacket at some point and hit some more core hooping, but overall it was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious. Exactly what I’ve come to expect from you during this competition and I will miss your weekly performances now that Hooping Idol is almost over.

Sharna Rose: Nick, what a fantastic video, you have done the UK proud. For me, being a UK resident, it was wicked to see so many of our own Hoop Stars playing such kick ass roles alongside you in such a fantastic location with a great story. You are such a strong explosive personality and I have enjoyed seeing you “own it” and continuing to “live it large” throughout the competition. I wish you lots of luck and look forward to hooping it up with you at one of the many events across the UK. Again I look forward to seeing you evolve no matter what happens and I wish you luck.

And there you have it, your Hooping Idol finalists for Finale Week! Are you ready to vote? Voters are allowed to cast one ballot and one ballot only and you can vote for only one (1) of the finalists this week. Click on the circle next to the name of your choice and when you are ready to cast your ballot click the “Vote” button below. Hooping Idol Future Week ballots are being accepted until Tuesday, May 10th, at 11:59pm PST.


Who will be scoring our unprecedented Hooping Idol prize package and the title of Hooping Idol. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday, May 11th, for our Finale Week Results Show. And whatever happens with the vote Hooping.org couldn’t be prouder of all three of our finalists and we invite you to share the love with each and every one of them. Thank you for tuning in to Hooping Idol and for your participation in our search for the next great hooper star. Rock the vote and happy hooping!

33 thoughts on “Our Hooping Idol Finale

  1. AH! so hard to vote :/ Rebecca you brought me to tears! This is the kind of things I dream about doing with my little boy! Sam & Nick, you guys represent the man-hoopers of the world beautifully with all your sick skillz!

  2. This competition has been such fun. To both take part in and view. But we should spare a thought to all the hard work it has taken. Every hooper who entered needed help from friends, family and sometimes co-stars. They had to give up vast amounts of time to practice, formulate ideas and film and edit. The finalists must be on their knees by now.

    And we mustn’t forget the huge amount of work that has gone into the judging and the presentation and results by Philo.

    A HUGE round of APPLAUSE to everyone involved. It’s been an epic idea. Our Monday’s will be the poorer for it’s closure.

  3. Rebecca: Your authenticity, joy, and unique style is so engaging and uplifting to watch!

    Sam: Wow! Your skills and your energy always brings the unexpected. Incredible.

    Nick: Your sense of humor and smoothness is a truly magical combination.

    All Hooping Idol Contestants: Thank you for the inspiration. It’s nice to have so many role models to choose from!!

  4. I loved all of these so much, but in the end, I voted for Sam because his hooping was the star of his video. I loved loved loved the other two, but the dream was more important in Rebecca’s and the story line in Nick’s (LOVE THEM!!!!).

    Tough to make a decision, so I went with my gut here.

  5. Definitely voted for sam. His heart is by far set on hooping and always puts 100% into his skill and devotion. I love that you never find him not smiling in his videos. He is so deserving, please vote for him! YOU GO SAM!

  6. Wow! I’m utterly floored by everyone’s performance this week! It’s been such an amazing ride throughout this entire competition. Part of me wishes it would never end. So now how to cast that vote? Rebecca’s Dream?, Nick’s Big Pimpin’ Escapades?, or Sam’s Hooping Bliss? Rebecca made me cry, Nick made me laugh, and Sam made me want to run outside with my hoop right now. So hard…but I think I’ll go with Sam this time. Now I’ve gotta get away from my computer and go hoop!

  7. If Simon Cowell (urgh) watched these videos he would vote for Nick- so much charisma, flow, smoothness, style to match his idea (jazzy feet!), amazing video skills with a interesting creative narrative- freakin OFF THE WALL- NICK FOR THE WIN! Only 7 months of hooping- ASTOUNDING!!! This should be the music video for that song 🙂

  8. Nick – you rock. That is all. You remind us all to do what we love and love what we do… and to be able to laugh at ourselves all the while – THANK YOU. that is all.

    What a fantastic competition, I think you’re all amazing… but Nick you get my vote.

  9. Why’d you guys have to make it soo hard! Sooooooooooo much talent lies within all of the finalists, i had to go back and watch everyone’s progression just to pick.They are all winners in my book. The journey has been magical to watch! Good luck to all of you… but my heart resides with Sam, you da man! Thank you all for your inspiration, i gotta get home and grab my hoop. ^_^

  10. All three of you are absolutely incredible!
    When I think about which one of you might change the world with a hoop, Nick you are brilliant. You are so creative, fun and entertaining that you have the potential for the biggest impact.
    Good luck to all of you and thank you so much for all of your hard work. It’s been so much fun to watch!

  11. Rebecca – your video was absolute beautiful. Your grace and swift movements paired wonderfully with your sharp and technically-sound moves. The story touched my heart; you and your family’s love for hooping really shined through. I only wish you had recorded a longer video – I know you are capable of doing so much more and I wanted to see that, especially for the Finale!

    And Sam… I have to start off by saying you have made such an incredible transformation from a newbie hooper to a graceful performer in such a short time. I also must respectfully disagree with Judge Christabel – I think your costume was perfect: laid back, yet put together (just how I imagine YOU are) and your genuine smile was really evident. Although you did repeat several sequences, I was still drawn in by the beautiful scenery of this “magical world.”

    Nick, Nick Nick… You took this to a whole new playing field – you should contact Sir Curtis James Jackson the III immediately to replace this entry as his music video. I LOVED the use of the cut-out letters to spell out P.I.M.P – you are SO creative (not to mention lucky to have such talented ho’s by yo side!) You had such sharp and powerful off the body movements (pops, flips, staggers) paired with REALLY impressive dance moves! Boy, you could drop it low in da club! But you left me questioning your actual hooping skills; not once, during the whole video, did the hoop make one revolution around your waste :-\ .

    All three of you did SUCH a wonderful job, deciding where my single vote will go is incredibly difficult. But when I look back through all the contestant’s videos – I see the clearest sign of growth and passion from Sam. Out of all the finalist, he is the one I’d like to hoop and learn with.

    Good luck to you all – you’re all amazing!!

  12. Congratulations to all three finalists — fabulous videos! Thanks to you and thanks to the judges, and thanks to Philo and hooping.org for creating this competition. I enjoyed every minute of it, and will miss tuning in for it.

  13. I could watch every one of Nick’s videos over and over again. In fact I have. Always entertaining, fun and full of WOW! factor. I frequently found myself throughout the competition fast forwarding through other hoop videos because I’d seen it all before or they just didn’t grab me. It’s hard these days , when everyone has all the hoop moves down, to constantly try to come up with new stuff, so the performance as a whole is important. Nick reliably creates captivating performances incorporating established moves with his own characteristic hoop style plus new moves. And all this in a hooper of less than a year experience! If that isn’t a Hoop Idol winner I don’t know what is! NICK FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  14. Wish Rebecca’s were longer 🙁 she’s so good!

    Nick’s was so funny!! But i don’t consider that hooping :-\

    Sam had such impressive moves!! Sam till the end!!

  15. Holy crap you guys are fantastic! This was a very very tough decision for me; between Rebecca’s creativity, Sam’s natural flow, and Nick’s stage presence… I just stared perplexed and enchanted into my computer screen for a twenty minutes.

  16. sam’s hooping skill wowed me from the start….he has such a knack for hit hooping that it just flows soo well….no one can compare to his epic skills!!!!

  17. Nick to win by a country mile!

    Way more entertaining to watch and considering he is a ‘new’ hooper…imagine the potential in a few years! I applaud him and whoever taught him, that must be a mean hooper!

    PIMP it up…vote for Nick…he is slick x

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