Kensington School Sets New Hoop Dance Record

Kensington Public School students in Kensington, Australia, a suburb of Sydney, set their sights on a new world record and they decided to take on the largest number of people hoop dancing at one time. Sunrise, Australia’s number one morning television show, was on hand reporting live from the big event as well. It’s interesting to point out, however, that the Kensington students danced with their hoops, rather than participating in hoop dance as we know it, so ultimately the official ruling with Guinness should prove interesting considering how relatively new hoop dance is. The previous record was 342 hoop dancers set in Beaminster, UK.

4 thoughts on “Kensington School Sets New Hoop Dance Record

  1. I WAS THERE I WAS THERE I WAS THERE!!!! so much fun. They didn’t really hoop dance as we know it, more of a ‘dance with a hoop’ but the sight of 500+ hoops all in unison was amazing! Go Kensington public school!

  2. And we can’t hate of a group of 10 year olds who opened the Guinness Book of Records, saw the words “Hoop Dancing” and said “we can do that AND raise money for MS research” just because it isn’t the hoop dancing we know and love.

    GO KPS GO!!!

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