Hooping: The Happiest Workout

Julie Greicius HoopingThe Palo Alto Patch in Palo Alto, California, reports that a “funky new fitness trend has come to town, and all the cool kids are doing it. It’s ‘hooping’ — hula hooping, that is… and it burns as many calories as running.” Hooping instructor Julie Greicius of Uforia Studios in downtown Palo Alto brought the reporter back to her childhood and into the happiest workout she’s ever done. “‘It’s just one foot in front of the other, and pushing flat around your waist and moving your hips forward and back—not this big ‘around the world,’ Greicius explained. Within five minutes, I had that hoop up and spinning around my belly button like I was born to do it. The next part of turning in a circle while hooping? Okay, so that took me the rest of class to perfect.” Full story: Palo Alto Patch

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