Hooping It Up on Daytime Ottawa

While Ontario has been hooping it up for a few years, the Canadian province is quickly becoming a hooping hot spot with the In Flow Festival, Ontario’s First Hoop Retreat, happening in July in Orangeville, and hoopers are hitting the television airwaves as well. Here we find Trish Stolte of Siren Hoops, who has been teaching fitness at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre for twenty years, appearing on the Rogers television program Daytime Ottawa. She talks about innovative fitness and hooping in particular before getting hosts Derick Fage and TL Rader both hooping it up in no time too.

One thought on “Hooping It Up on Daytime Ottawa

  1. Awesome to wake up, check out hooping.org (doesn’t everyone do that with their morning coffee?) and see my inspiring, fun hooping instructor here! Of course, she’s off hooping it at hoop convergence. 🙂 Yay Trish and the amazing Ottawa hoop community!

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