Hooping Idol Performance Week Results Show

Hooping.org proudly salutes all six of our outstanding Hooping Idol finalists who have truly dazzled all of us. You’re all amazing! But which three are safe and will be moving on to the Hooping Idol finale next week and a shot at our unprecedented prize package and which three will be going home? All will be revealed in our Performance Week Results Show.

If you’re new to Hooping Idol, why not check out all of the entries from our Hooping Idol Performance Week Challenge. You’ll find all the info there to get you fully caught up on Hooping Idol as well.

9 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Performance Week Results Show

  1. For the first time… I am really sad to see some people go…… The French girl is amazing….. a real performer… a hoop star…. she should be in the final 3 ….

  2. No regrets ! I love hooping.org, the community, and all the new opportunities appearing in my life ! Hoop is my life, now I’m sure of that !! Thank you… and good luck for the last challenge !!

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