Hooping Idol Finale Results Show

In our Hooping Idol Finale Results Show, Hooping.org salutes all three of our outstanding Hooping Idol finalists. Because they all rock! They’re all winners in our book, though only one will hoop away with our unprecedented prize package. We invite and encourage all of you to share the love with all of them today.

For those just tuning into Hooping Idol, you’ll find all you need to know over here. Congratulations Idols! You’re all fantastic

44 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Finale Results Show

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! It was such a pleasure hooping with and getting to know both of you guys!!!! Ya’ll made the last week so much less stressful! Big ole hoop hugs and kisses to you both!!!!!!!! Now it is time to rest!!! AHHHHHH

  2. WOOOHOOO!!!! Very well deserved! So pleased for you Nick and pleased the hooping community appreciates your originality. You certainly have the Xfactor!! xxx

  3. Yay! Congrats to all involved.
    @Liz W I’m not for a second questioning your right to have an opinion on the matter, but I am curious: please could you define what exactly it is to “hoop”?

  4. yeeeeeeeeha! nick consistently had the most entertaining videos and made the event a bit more fun to watch! everyone was brilliant though. and *ahem* well said bags x

  5. Oops, I wasn’t ready to post that let me finish 🙂

    I enjoyed discovering each of your personal styles throughout the contest, thank you for sharing a little bit of yourselves with the hooping community!

    Thank you Philo, Hooping.Org the judges and all the sponsors for your part in bringing this awesome event to hoopers everywhere!

    Love and happy hooping to all!

  6. Awesome, you were all amazing but I’ll have to admit to being really pleased Nick won – total bad ass!! And I tend to agree with the sentiments of Fran and Bags on the definition of ‘to hoop’! So…same again next year???

  7. Oh boy! That was so nerve wracking! Well Done NICK! And also a huge well done to Rebecca and Sam. You are all great hoopers with loads of tricks under your belts. I’ve loved watching you all grow through the competition. None of you are the same level now that you were at the start. You have all progressed enormously.

    @Liz W, it wasn’t just about the final video was it? It was about the whole process from start to finish. Every finalist (and lots of other competitors) proved they could hoop with great skill along the way. In the end a competition like this is about the all round showmanship and performance and Nick has gone from “never performed” to “performance king” during the process.

  8. Congratulation, NICK!!! You got the prize!! But you are all great hoopers and I really loved watching your videos – I totally agree to your words, Sue – I cannot express it better 😉 Please repeat it next year, Philo!!

  9. Congrats to ALL of you for being SUPER AWESOME! Every participant in Hooping Idol has been MY idol, and you three really went above and beyond the call of hoop-duty!

    Nick, special congrats to you for winning (at life!) I hope you film what you do with all those prizes so we can keep ogling your flow 😀

    I, too, vote for an ACCEPTANCE SPEECH!

  10. Every single one of you were wonderful, ispiring and brave – what a great contest that was – every week just got better and better …………. well done to ALL of you and ………… of course the finalists and our very own home-grown Nick!!!! Go BRISTOL!!!!! Another boy to add to the ‘Massive’ – its been great. Thanks for all the fun!!!!!!!

  11. What Sue said!!!

    Congratulations Nick – your videos made me laugh out loud at my desk and it was great to share them with colleagues to show them how enormously entertaining, creative, and badass hoopers can be!

    Sam & Rebecca – You both rocked the whole competition and kept amping up your game until the very end. I can’t even imagine the innate rewards of such a process!

    ALL contestants made this competition an astounding success. I, too, look forward to seeing the tradition continue. Thanks, Philo!

  12. Well done everyone! I loved the competition, and I’m going to miss it. Yay Nick! Congratulations, it was a well deserved win. Thank you for the laughs and wow, that fearless fire hooping! I applaud everyone who had the courage to enter the contest, and all that hard work and explosive growth in hoop talent throughout. I have been inspired by all the competitors-so much I want to learn to do! I also want to say wow to the bristol hoop community. You are massively impressive and a great inspiration to all local hoop communities; so creative, fun and supportive. I now have a burning desire to travel to Bristol to meet you all. 🙂

  13. Well done Hoopers! And Congratulations Nick for the deserved success 🙂

    We are all so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch the contestants evolve into their unique individualistic style. Many kudos for the hard work and dedication demonstrated throughout the entire competition. And what a well of inspiration each of you have delivered to the hooping community!

    Thank you for hosting such an incredible show, Philo! It’s been a hoot you guys, and I’m actually a little bit sad it’s over.

    Hi-fives and hugs, all around <3

  14. Oh how have i enjoyed watching Hooping Idol! I am kind of really sad to not have it to watch now from week to week, but i am happy for the winner. ^_^ Way to go Mr. Broyd!! Damn you are a “hoop pimp” i loved how badass that last video was. It was a hard choice between all the final videos, they all had their own feel and style and they were all my favorites. Congrats to Sam and Rebecca, i know you guys worked hard to get to the finals and you’re both awesome!! Thank you to all the contestants, it takes balls to put yourselves out there for this, to work on videos, hoop routines and to take the criticism every week, but you’ve all breathed new life into the hooping world and every one of you inspires me! 😀 Thanks Philo, this is a million times better than American Idol !!!!!

  15. Watching this contest has been thoroughly inspirational and helpful to my personal hooping! I especially love that the finalists are so uniquely skilled. It shows just how individualized and expressive hooping can be. Old, young, men, women, and everything in between- everyone can find themselves in a hoop. And many become artists.
    Congratulations to Nick for the win! But I must say, congratulations to everyone involved in Hooping Idol. You’ve all made something beautiful.

  16. This was really fun to “get into”! I am so proud to be from Florence and KNOW Becky Phipps–she is an amazing person and SO DESERVING of this recognition. Really, one of THE most unique and impressive people I have EVER met. The guys? Yeah–they’re great too. SO MUCH ORIGINALITY! Congrats to all! May God continue to bless Becky as she serves HIM!

  17. It was so freakin hard to choose who to vote for. All three of you deserved to win. I have been truly inspired to up my game in the performance arena. I’ve also seen lots of awesome new tricks to learn. The only downside, it’s over! What are we going to watch now? Hopefully you guys will keep making some cool vids. Congratulations to all three of you! Youreally are all hooping idols in my book.

  18. Congrats to all who participated! I looked forward to it every week. Nick was my fave from the start . I just hope the finalists continue to make videos! Thank you Philo!

  19. Massive cngratulations to Nick! Also well done Sam and Rebecca, you guys rock Rebecca has been one of my faves to watch over the past few weeks, stunning flow! Sam has such a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine hoop style it’s awesome to see. To Philo, I would love it if next year there were prizes for all 3 finalists, smaller runners up prizes as i think the level of talent from all the finalists meant they deserved something in recognition of their hard work and skills. Been a joy to watch all the videos in the competetion and the feedback from judges and the hoop community has been so helpful. I agree with Sue and Bags and many of the others who have posted on here. It’s not just on body hooping that takes skill. Nick didn’t even like performing or being filmed at the start of this and now he is making hoop vids that are amazing performance-wise and very funny and entertaining, even for non-hoopers. It’s been an absolute joy to work with him and Emma on filming our vids and getting to know them better, He really deserves to be Hooping Idol 2011! Big love to everyone who’se taken part, it was a stressful panic each week to get the filming and editing done and everyone brought it big time. Love the hoop community so much and mega proud to be part of the Bristol hoop community. Hopefully it’ll inspire lots of you to fly over here for SWHOOP in November so we can meet y’all. Love, K xxx

  20. i’m confused still. i think the people in hooping idol already have a bunch of cool hoops and are really talented. why do they win all that stuff? you would think someone who needs the classes and the hoops would win.

  21. This should have been called Hoop Video/Editing Idol. Im glad I didnt enter the contest for the reason that I dont know how to edit videos and such. If its all about hoop skillz next time let me know because I have no doubt in my mind that I can hoop just as good/better then the Video Editing Idols. It was still pretty fun to follow though 🙂

  22. Congrats to our Hooping Idol! It was soooooo much fun to watch this week after week. GO NICK!
    Rebecca and Sam, you both were awesome!
    I agree with those that feel that the negativity and ignorance are not something we need in this community. There is no “I can hoop just as good/better” because every hooper has a different style and no two hoopers learn and progress the same way. I think if people are going to say “this is a fluke” or “I can do better” let’s see them with the balls to put thier video online for the world to see. Editing your video doesn’t take away from your badass hoop skills, nor does having plot and humor in your video. This wasn’t Editing Idol, Hoop Monkey, it was Hooping Idol and Nick won because he had superfly skills and incorporated his wicked sense of humor to highlight those skills, not because his videos were well edited. Maybe you have a friend that could help you with editing for next years Hooping Idol and you can leave it up to the public to decide if your “just as good/better.” Till that time comes, Nick is our Hooping Idol; he worked really hard for it and (as the public decided) deserves that big ol’ prize package. Yay Hooping Idol!

    1. Ok well now you just made me feel pretty bad. I did not want to come off as a dick, thank you very much. I think I was speaking for me and and all the other fantastic hoopers out there that wanted to be in Hooping Idol that didnt know how to make videos look so awesome wouldnt stand a chance even though we can hoop with the best of them. Congrats to the Hoopers that were picked to be apart of one of the cooolist things online and Congrats to the finalists and there bad ass skillz and there videos. and Congrats to Nick, I hope some day I can be as creative as you and your videos, I hope to beable to watch more of you in the future! Ive had a blast watching from the beginning to the end and can’t wait till next Hooping Idol!

      1. I appologize that I made you feel bad or like a dick, that was not my intention whatsoever. I can understand wanting to be a part of the competition and not having the equipment or skills for editing could make someone feel as though they wouldn’t stand a chance. That is why I suggested finding a friend to help. I am simply against people saying that the person who won didn’t deserve this or that they are better than someone else. As a community, we shouldn’t concentrate on who is better or has more tricks up their sleeves but on our own style/progress and on sharing the joy we find in hooping with others and spreading that joy as far around the world as possible. I’m sorry that I made you feel bad, Hoop Monkey, and I have no doubt that you can spin it with the best of them! So go find yourself a film savvy friend and show us you moooves!

  23. Hey Y’all! @ kay, it would be sweet if we won something too 🙂

    This whole experience was really fun. Although at times definitely stressful, I’m glad to have done it because it made me look at my hooping through another lens (…hah) and connected me with so many awesome people around the world. It is a competition and naturally there is going to be some heat, but after starting an open dialog with the other finalists, I realized how awesome they both are and that this is about building communities, not enemies!

    Adam, I started this competition not even knowing how to upload a video… I had a friend help with Persona/Future but for the finale did it all myself. I think the editing does play a factor, but so do location, song choice, camera angles, etc. and in the end, it is the hooping that counts!

    So to clear the air… Rebecca, loved your video so much. Such a great story and I’m glad you got to show “what hooping is all about.” Nick, congratulations! I laughed my ass off the whole video and you look like an actual professional, the fact that you’ve been hooping for under a year is absolutely mind-blowing. Thanks to everyone who even watched my video, hearing such nice comments from people I don’t know really boosts the moral! And thank you to the judges!! To know MY IDOLS were watching and giving me feedback was so intimidating at first, but really rewarding by the end 🙂 And of course – thank you Philo and Hooping.org for putting this all together!!!

    Hoop all is well,

    PS Happy bday mom!!

  24. It’s been fantastic to watch the hoopers evolve week by week. There’s going to be a hidol shaped hole in my life now that it’s over! Well done to every hooper, from those that first submitted vids right through to the finalists. Your creativity and dedication has been inspiring. Thank you Philo and all who helped bring us Hooping Idol.

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