Hoop Convergence 2011 – Friday 1:18am

Hoop Convergence 2011
Hoop Convergence 2011
[For those of us who are not at Hoop Convergence, and the internet addicted who are, live blogging from the event starts now and will run throughout the weekend with Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn.]

It’s the wee small hours of Friday morning at Hoop Convergence 2011 and the sheriff shut down the DJ a couple hours ago. Pulsing, swaying bodies slowed and continue to turn their LED hoops on to light the way back through the forest and to bed. From where I sit typing this, I am enjoying such a rare and lovely sight … a rainbow lighted trail of sleepy, sweaty hoopers filing into the distance.

We are just outside the hooping haven of Carrboro, North Carolina. Folks have been pouring into the happy hills that host the South’s largest hoop gathering since early Thursday afternoon. We set up, then circled-up with organizers Julia Hartsell and Scott Crews to eagerly begin the introductions. Hoopers proudly announced how far they’d traveled to gather here. Every region of the States is represented, and there’s a healthy contingent from Canada and the UK, too.

After dinner and a stunning summer Southern rainstorm, DJ John sent out his siren’s call, summoning us like a modern pied piper to the evening’s lakeside jam. And y’all … the jam was … slammin’. Skills were flyin’. And the woods echoed with hoopin’, hoootin’ and a-hollerin’. I sat in the middle of it, laptop on my belly, soaking it all in for you fine folks. Until, of course, I realized I was too blissfully distracted to write. I can’t say whether it was Nick Guzzardo taking off his shirt or Malcolm Stuart hooping in a giant blue rain poncho that finally did me in, but I retreated to the top of a hill to take in the seductively spinning throng from a distance. Until the sheriff’s deputies showed up, of course. But as they say, it’s not a party until the cops show up, right?

There’s a star-studded line-up for Friday’s classes with top instructors Caroleeena, Stefan Pildes and Matthew “Poki” McCorkle starting our weekend off, and I’ll be dropping in on the playshops from Rainbow Michael, SaFire and Little L Hanley too. Stay tuned right here at Hooping.org for more live reports from Hoop Convergence 2011 throughout the weekend. I’ll be doing my best to make you feel like you’re here!


Lara Eastburn Lara Eastburn has been dancing in meadows and singing with the moon while spinning in circles for eons at Superhooper.org. Beyond commenting here, you can also discuss this and other topics related to the Hooposophy for living in Hooping.org’s Hooposophy Group and Gorum. Lara is also the planting and gardening force behind discovering our hooping community roots at The Hooping Family Tree Project.

9 thoughts on “Hoop Convergence 2011 – Friday 1:18am

  1. I LOVE reading your blogs Lara. Hoping to head out to Convergence myself for the day either Saturday or Sunday (as my clients will allow.) This is an excellent idea to blog about these events as they are happening. How often have I felt the bliss of a hoop gathering, inspired and effusive with love for my community, only to wait a couple days to long before I try to put it to words? I hope that this will become the new trend. Even for folks who can’t physically be at a hoop gathering, they can vicariously experience some of the magic that occurs. Keep spinning and spreading it out there!

  2. wow Lara – I’m just getting back to Ottawa after a 3 hrs of sleep last night and 12 hrs on a bus, 2 planes and a 3 hr drive – all totally WORTH IT. It was an AWESOME experience and I’ll be back! thanks so much all you beautiful people! the radical, unconditional acceptance and self love blew me away… so many adjectives for AWESOME….and too bliss-exhausted! thanks for reporting Lara, I lurv ya lassie!

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