Monthly Archives: May 2011

Kensington School Sets New Hoop Dance Record

Kensington Public School students in Kensington, Australia, a suburb of Sydney, set their sights on a new world record and they decided to take on the largest number of people hoop dancing at one time. Sunrise, Australia’s number one morning television show, was on hand reporting live from the big event as well. It’s interesting to point out, however, that…

Keep Hooping

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lil Miss, aka Claire Herndon, not only shares her hooping, but a few words of inspiration as well. Keep on hooping everybody! She lives in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

Water for Elephants, Fire and Kitterina

It’s time for another edition of the Quickies, short looks at things you simply shouldn’t miss. • First up, it’s flame on at Firedrums 2011 when these women not only fire hoop, but their performance costumes feature real live flames as well. They are Sarah-Star Stolar, Bene Rather-Taylor and Jennifer Alvarado: Three 5-Flame Hoop Dancers • We’ve got some more…

Kat Collett

VIDEO OF THE DAY: It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a good hooping video with some gothic flavor, but Kat Collett delivers, hooping at the Oldbury Court Estate in Bristol, England, UK. Soundtrack: “Four Leaved Clover” by SixToes (on iTunes).

South Bay Hoopers Spin It Up

Music, laughter and bright colors filled the air at Orchard City Green in Campbell, California, earlier this week. The South Bay Hoopers, the local hoop community for those from throughout Silicon Valley who want to get together and hoop it up, flocked to the green between Campbell City Hall and the Campbell Library to spin things up and have a…