8 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Future Week Results

  1. This week is bitter sweet. I am so excited to be going on, but super sad for the AMAZING hoopers who didnt make the cut. You all ROCK!!!!!
    Philo, get some sleep and get back to us soon!!!!! I had nightmares last night about hooping to the most random music I have ever heard. I cant wait to hear the music selections.

  2. Massive thanks to everyone who has voted for me. I’ve enjoyed being in this competetion so much, gutted not to make it to the final week. This whole process has improved my hooping and my video making so much and i have met yet more amazing hoopers through it. Only in the hoop community would your competetion be so supportive and helpful. I can’t express how much love i have for you all. Was hoping to do a burlesque hooptease performance for the next vid so it’s your loss, lol 😉 Gutted that Pretty dumpling/Elite hooping was once again overlooked by the voting public, her face hooping and flow are nuts, so inspiring. Everyones stepped up their game for throughout this competition and i’m really chuffed to have got this far with such amazing competitors. Can’t wait to see all your performance vids, hope you get some good tunes. Keep spreading the hoopy joy! K xxx

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