Hooping Idol Future Week and More

Hooping Idol Welcome to Hooping Idol, Hooping.org’s epic new contest. I’m Philo Hagen and I’m your host for this ever spinning journey in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! As you know, our finalists are competing for an unprecented prize package that includes $100 cash and $200 in advertising from Hooping.org, the Atomic LED Hoop from Astral Hoops with 90 modes and around 100 full color LEDs ($299 value), a six month pass to Hooping University to learn even more from the pros (a $99 value), a custom Pixie Hoops Collapsible Travel Hoop to stay stylishly on the move ($80 value), an 8-piece Pocket Collapsible Custom Hoop from Troo Hoops ($84.95 value) to slide easily into your suitcase, a Polypro Performance Hoop and a pair of Polypro Minis from Superhooper.org ($63 value), a $50 Gift Certificate to Hoopclothes.com, a full size movie poster from The Hooping Life and other super cool schwag from the film, on top of a “Hoopdance for Beginners” DVD, a “Hoopdance Evolution” DVD, a copy of “Hooping: A Revolutionary Fitness Program” and a spot in the HoopGirl Performance Training Program (taking place in San Francisco, California, May 20-22, 2011) from HoopGirl.com (a more than $750 value!). When we said it was unprecedented, we meant it.

For those of you just tuning in it was incredibly difficult to narrow down the platoon of hoopers who auditioned this year to 21 finalists who hit the ground hooping with our 80’s Week Challenge. And once the results were announced, six of our outstanding finalists were eliminated. Our top fifteen then spun their way into our Flow Week Challenge with key watchwords such as grace, beauty and elegance. The results were announced and five more finalists were sent home. Our top ten then delivered the goods for our Persona Week Challenge, dazzling us beyond our wildest expectations. Nevertheless, three of our finalists were eliminated. Or were they? In a special Hooping Idol News Update it was revealed that each of the judges had been given the opportunity to save one previously eliminated hooper and bring them back for Hooping Idol Future Week.

Our challenge this week was announced as follows: “We are all interested in the future, because that is where we will be spending the rest of our lives. Assuming that there is, of course, hooping in the future, because how could there not be, what does the future look like for hooping? When you arrived in the Hooping Idol competition we went back to the 1980’s, but this time around we want you to look forward, to look to the future! Are there fashion trends related to hooping coming in the future? Are there new styles being developed that we are all going to be enjoying ten or twenty years from now? What does your vision of the hooping future look like?”

Sitting at the Hooping Idol judges table this week are Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, Australia, Sharna Rose of Sharna Rose Hoop Dancein Maidstone, England, UK, and Christabel Zamor of HoopGirl in San Francisco, California. So without any futher ado, Hooping.org proudly presents: Hooping Idol Future Week!

1. Wesley J of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sharna Rose: Great to see you back Wesley with a great entry into Future Hooper Week. Some interesting angles and lovely use of light, costume and location as well as some super hooping. I found the public present day people in the background a little distracting, but I understand that it is hard to find interesting locations that are people free. Can’t wait to see more from you in the future.

Bunny: It’s BIG Wesley that’s for sure. I can feel it in the sound, the size, the vibe, your eyes! The future of hooping is early morning hoop-chi in the park, on the block, interacting with whatever equipment is necessary or desired to express the necessity of the hoop. I like it. Mesmerised by your hoopnotic groove and super kicked back breaks. Full moon Zen on this one 🙂

Christabel: I enjoyed the different perspectives of straight ahead and bottom up shooting, being in different locations, the neck and knee reversals and that you smiled at the camera once. I was longing for a bit more of a storyline to tie it all together. I am not feeling the message or cohesion. Also, I would love to see you in a smaller, lighter hoop so your reversals can be faster and cleaner. Pump it up to the next level, Wesley!

2. Glenda Jordan of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Philo: After discovering that Glenda’s YouTube submission was being blocked in Canada due to her soundtrack selection, I’ve swapped it out for her entry on Vimeo.

Sharna Rose: WOW Glenda, this was amazing, the colours, the light, the narrative, the perspective, the industrial setting, everything was just wonderful. My only feedback would be the length of the video… about 2 min’s too long. You certainly continue to shine in this competition though and I am so pleased that you are still here this week.

Bunny: It’s dark, dirty, gritty, intense… just how I like it Glenda! I’m feeling the nastiness of the future too. I think we all are. You embrace it well. It feels bleak yet persistent with a sense of enduring the heaviness with the hoop no matter what. There is no stopping the hoop. Not if we’re tired… Not if the world is all messed up… Not even if we don’t want to… we just have to. We are resigned to it. It’s our fate: to SPIN! I feel this story coming through. Rok on sistar!

Christabel: Every week just gets better for you! Loved the movie-like introduction and accented reading, the absolutely awesome industrial setting and sepia toned effect. Great dirt on your body and Mad Max costume style and the inclusion of blindfolded and fire segments added dynamism.The music variations added lots of drama. Thank you for enriching your story so deeply with an actual plot … can you continue to evolve it after you start hooping? Also, I would love to see more camera interaction as you are looking at the floor or hoop most of the time. You put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows! Nice work.

3. Kay Dent of Bristol, England, UK

Sharna Rose: Another fantastic entry Kay which once again shows that you deserve to be here on Hooping Idol. I loved the use of the fire and the hooping skills that accompanied the varying props used. I really connected to the music and the tribal aspect of the future hooper that you choose to make an example of is one I can relate to. Congratulations once again.

Bunny: Kay, dare to be THE BEST – you have what it takes. It’s like a post-modern Thriller on Fire in the Hoop. What more could we ask of the future? I mean really. I could feel your restraint with the fire, but sense that this is a future comfort zone for you and suggest that you enjoy and honour the journey. On a technical note, I’m gonna suggest a smaller hoop. Just remember when you spin fire it’s like the opposite of standing around the camp flame ~ the surge comes from within and you just gotta dance it out! Great to see your debut fire hoop in the Idol.

Christabel: Loved the terminator text and powerful music intro with raw rooftop setting. Wow! I loved your whole crew of background firehoop dancers! Way to push it over the top. The firecube was super HOT! I love your creativity. Only critique: I didn’t catch your “defending” theme so clearly, though. And would love to see more dance and plot development with your superfun hooping.

4. Amanda Syryda of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Sharna Rose: I love the fun way you hoop Amanda, I find it really engaging and very attractive to watch. I loved your locations and use of colour and your bouncy pace. Even though I am used to this bouncy style which repeats across the video’s in this competition you still kept my attention throughout the video. I particularly liked the speedy clips of video, they were fun.

Bunny: It’s like you were born for this track Amanda and I had the great honour of being there to see you fully pop right out onto the space disco dance floor! This is my favourite of your videos so far. It’s just so fun and bouncy and seems to draw a part of your personality that I haven’t seen before… NOT that I’m saying you haven’t shown us fun already, but this is just somehow FUNNER! What is it? The wig? The antennae? The hot outfit filled well with the hotness that is you… All those pops, twists, flips and super cute space girl dance moves… I was transfixed! You are one smok’n’ intergalactic space babe. YES to you!

Christabel: Great metallic and slated wooden background and cute future alien fairy costume with dynamic textured music. I like that your persona had an identity, “Orbit”. Fun moves, but where is the expressive body movement and story evolution? I was hungry for more meaning in your moves and continuity and reasoning behind the constant set changes. The ending was a bit abrupt.

5. Sam Resnicow of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Philo: Sam experienced technical difficulties this week when his chosen soundtrack was removed by YouTube due to copyright. However, he was able to post it again on Vimeo within the alotted time frame.

Sharna Rose: Once again Sam you have produced an amazing video with some super hooping skills. Great outside location with a fantastic idea helped along with some kick ass editing. My only feedback is that I would have preferred a little more light whilst you were hooping with the LED’s. Sometimes this problem is with my computer though. Cant wait to see more.

Bunny: More teal latex! You boys are defining the future already. I LOVE it! Nice use of the spotlight with psi hoop Sam – always a tricky one to deal with and it brought up some interesting halo effects, if a little glary at times… but hey, the future could be a whole lot worse than that. I like this performance and get a sense that you are becoming more and more comfortable with moving your flow into the zone of the mojo. It works. Cute song, love the minis, digging your energy and look forward to the future hoopla that is you!

Christabel: Sam, this is by far your best video yet! Loved the UVM setting and contrast and the music really set a great futuristic tone. Great slick moves with a real discernible style emerging from you. The effects were fun and over the top. Loved the kick up from Ring! My only critique: the segment in the dark was a bit dark to see… perhaps a tad more lighting or brighter hoops? Also, this final portion was a bit long… perhaps adding a third location/look could have added more pizzaz?

6. Sylvie aka Pretty Dumpling of Darby, Montana, USA

Sharna Rose: Welcome back Silvie, I am so pleased that you accepted the chance to come back into Hooping Idol. I love your unique and crazy way of moving, you are indeed very watchable. I like your take on the challenge and feel that the music level in this case is correct as it fits with the theme of power shortages etc. I love that you have filmed in one take, but I would have loved some close ups of you also – this is purely selfish on my part because I want to relish in the way you move.

Bunny: Two words PD – colour separation! Proximity to camera also comes to mind. I am straining to see your brilliance… and it is good, there is no doubt about that. You move in such a slinky, unique, relaxed, funked out way. I am hoping your voting audience were captured as much by the tease as I was. I want to see more of you – closer, clearer, bolder, brighter… bring it ON, world devastation or not! Everything is crossed for you right now as I feel the future of hooping has a lot of YOU innit… on or off the camera.

Christabel: Great synergy between your music lyrics and the opening imagery. I continue to love your unique dance style and how you curve and move your body around the hoop. I still feel you have the most original style in the whole contest. But you need way more polish~ a costume which can compete with the other contestants, storyline evolution and a setting and camerawork which can showcase your talent effectively. I would also like to see some explanation of the hunter which you depicted right before you started hooping… what was that about?

7. Nick Broyd of Bristol, England, UK

Sharna Rose: Yet another wicked entry Nick. I really like your idea, the different stages of man hooping into the future (I particularly like the wizard in his white smock). Great use of interesting props and the giant mirror ball is a super addition. I loved the music and found it very engaging. Great to see some expansion of your fantastic hoop skills also. Regardless of the results of the competition you will be one of my hoop idols, its those shiny leggings that do it you know.

Bunny: A future of teal latexed men with matching hoops and extensive wig collections? I can handle that. Loved the throws into chest and back rolls. High risk Nick! And then there’s the hooping wizard… what’s not to love about that? You so do my head in… in all the right ways. Thanks for sharing your vision of you in the future of hoopdom. I got my eye on you boy! Good luck with the vote. You’re in my top 5.

Christabel: I loved the neat reflective surface, creative camerawork which worked with your music, costume evolution and linked hoop work. But I wanted more from you, Nick. You have set the bar very high with all your previous entries and this video didn’t live up to the standards you have pioneered. You need more plot evolution, creative camerawork and dynamism to keep up with yourself.

8. Rebecca Phipps of Florence, South Carolina, USA

Sharna Rose: Definitely one of my favourites again this week Rebecca. You are very fluid and have a great expansive knowledge of the hoop and the subtleties of its movement. I love the idea and I really liked the music and costume used. I think the simple camera position changes were all this video needed and I was pleased to see that you did not add lots of effects to it. You have a marvellous way of moving. Can’t wait to see more.

Bunny: see your point Rebecca… you embody the music well and with precision. I am very mesmerised by the confidence and subtle narrative of this piece. You knew the story that you wanted to tell, which in essence is very simple and is in fact the essence of hooping – merging the body, hoop and music together in a way that just IS. I also really enjoyed the stillness within your hoopdance and how this allowed you to hit some amazing tricks, yet still with an awareness of your body’s shape and grace. i liked this a lot.

Christabel: I loved the creativity of your introduction and how deeply it speaks to the essence of union with the hoop. Your moves are very clean and beautiful! I loved the close up work the most where you were facially interacting with the camera and also enjoyed the over-saturation video effect and the clean, simple ending. That said, I felt that the video became a bit monotonous given the dynamic story evolution, setting changes and elaborate costumes in many of the other videos.

9. Emilie “Anossens” Durand of Versailles, France

Sharna Rose: I knew that we could not let you go, you are far too iconic in your style both as a hooper and as a participant/creator of a visual story to be left behind. You continue to grow with each challenge and push the boundaries of the story and then echo this with your unique and strong style of hooping. This was in my top three video’s this week and I think this video will push out into the wider world to inspire a whole army of future hoopers.

Bunny: YOU WIN! Oh wait… it’s too early for that… And not for me to judge? Or is it? I just want to say to all the voting peeps out there if you do not vote YES to Annosens, Dr BunnyHoopStar diagnoses you with obvious hoopoid malfunction and prescribes an instant reboot. This entry rocked my morning out and inspired me on many levels. Very well considered, directed, styled, hooped and produced. You are a rare talent Anossens and super HOT. Thank you for bringing SO much and more to this competition. I look forward to seeing your future explode onto this planet and beyond.

Christabel: WOW! You’ve done a masterful job. Captivating Matrix video game style opening, engaging grafitti, cave and ladder backgrounds and hot costume! Loved the effects mimicing a game interaction. Great music choice which enhances and guides the whole feel of your show. Your moves were super precise and articulate and delivered in completely in character. I loved the constant attention to plot development an alternation between the game player and playee. This was by far the most engaging video of the week! Great job!

10. Andrea Painter of Hartley Wintney, England, UK

Sharna Rose: Gorgeous Andrea, a beautiful and touching entry to the competition, its definitely in my top three. You have some serious repertoire with the hoop and your fun bouncy joyful connection to the hoop shines through….this is reflected in the strong communal presence of your hoopers of all ages. The future is indeed in community and I love this idea a lot. Congratulations.

Bunny: I love that track Andrea… took me back to many a WILD dance floor across the planet. I dig that it is the soundtrack to your future vision of hoopdom! What’s goes around comes around right? The way your infectious joy within the hoop spawns all those hooplings in the forest brought joy to my heart. What a fun video. You definitely are a hoop mamma that I wanna meet and spin with. Keep spreading the joy and thanks for the high vibes!

Christabel: Loved the shooting with flower close ups and your moves were joyful. I especially enjoyed your play with the linked hoops. It was fun that you brought in the whole community and emphasized children as the future. Finally, a happy perspective 🙂 That said, I’d love to see more dynamism in your costume and actual plot development. As a stand alone video, this is fantastic! But in competition with the others, it feels a bit like a hoop jam.

And there you have it, your Hooping Idol finalists and their Future Week presentations. Are you ready to vote? Voters are allowed to cast one ballot and one ballot only. You can vote for up to two (2) of the finalists this week. Simply click the box or boxes next to their name(s) and when you are ready to cast your ballot click the “Vote” button below. Hooping Idol Future Week ballots are being accepted until Tuesday, April 19th, at 9pm PST.


This week the five finalists receiving the least amount of votes will be going home. Be sure to tune in to Hooping.org on Wednesday, April 20th, for our Hooping Idol Future Week Results Show.

Curtains And what’s in store for the final five to come? Welcome to Performance Week on Hooping Idol. As a Hooping Idol we strongly suspect you’ll be performing soon in front of real live human beings – not just in front of your video camera. Over the course of the competition our judges have been helping each of you fine tune your performance skills and next we’ll be putting them to the test. The first part of your challenge will be to find or bring together your audience. You can assemble your own or perform at a community event or gathering taking place in your area. We don’t care who they are, just that you have a minimum of ten people on hand to enjoy the show. And we want to see your unedited performance posted with a camera view perspective of what takes place just as if we (ie: the camera) are a member of your audience like anybody else.

But wait, there’s more. Hoop performers know that you don’t always have control over what music you’re going to hoop to. The promoter wants you on stage for this band or that DJ and you still need to make it work. There may also be special requests of you, like wanting your performance to somehow enhance the overall theme of a particular event, so in the spirit of such not-at-all-unusual real life obstacles, 1) we request that you wear red, black and white for your performance, and 2) we will be sending your performance soundtrack. Post your Performance Week submission to YouTube with the title: Hooping.org Hooping Idol Performance Week no later than 9:00pm PST on Friday, April 29th. In the meantime, on behalf of hoopers everywhere we sincerely applaud each and every one of our Hooping Idol Finalists for their incredible contributions this week and we wish all of you the very best of luck.

28 thoughts on “Hooping Idol Future Week and More

  1. Awesome! This is what I’ve been hoping for from the beginning! 🙂 To see people’s real talent unedited! Amazing job last week, can’t wait to see what you idols come up with this time! Yay! Good luck everyone!

  2. I was hoping to hear more bad stuff about my dance, stuff to work on. Camera and showmanship isn’t something I can take to personal use.

    The next Challenge is sure to blow up, I really wish I could submit for the next one, my restaurant hosting a talent show.

  3. I was completely blown away by the submissions this week!!!! Amazing work everyone!!!!! Thank you judges for your willingness to critique us! I can see such drastic changes in all of us as performers from the first videos to now, and I love how every hooper is really starting to make a definite impression with their particular style and flow! I freakin’ love this community!!!!!

  4. This week was so amazing to see! Loved the entrys! You are all so creative!!
    Oh non why is the audience for next week when I’m not here! Anossens I would have looooved to come to your performance :/ but I’m sure you will rock it and I will watch it on video.

  5. This week was definitely the best so far – it was the toughest vote yet. I liked all of them for various reasons. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see who moves on to Performance Week and how everyone does with the costuming, lack of control over music choice, and one-take videos. Best wishes to all of you!

  6. WOW! Choosing two of these entries was VERY difficult. So much inspiring originality and outstanding creativity!! The hoopers who came back this week definitely proved they belong at this level of the competition. The video concepts have been really fun to watch but as others have said I’m excited to see the unedited individual hooping styles showcased in the performance challenge. Congratulations to all the hooping idols for accomplishing what you have so far and good luck to you all! 🙂

  7. Well done everyone for all their hoop entries. I definitely think the winner should have iimproved their hooping skills and repetitoire- this should not necessarily be a competition about video editing skills. I VOTE NICK AS KING!!

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