WakeUp2Life Duo To Document Hoop Dream

wakeup2life WakeUp2Life is a new film project about two girls with one dream: traveling the world for one year using a camera and a hula hoop as their tools to barter for survival. The aim of their mission is simple: to inspire people to dream and by doing so, bring a little more peace to our planet. The pair have only just begun their journey. Jaime Leigh Gianopoulos is an aspiring filmmaker who believes that imagination and belief is the start of everything. Having previously shot a documentary in Kosovo, this time around the story is going to be much more personal. Kelly Diane Rangel is an artist from Los Angeles who chooses to fire hoop around the world, stay with locals and live on little money – a circle that keeps spinning her in the right direction. “My life is an experiment of expression. Some people think I am crazy, some people say they live through me but I am just living my dream. I have proved to myself there are endless possibilities.” Watch the trailer for the film along with two prequel videos below:

5 thoughts on “WakeUp2Life Duo To Document Hoop Dream

  1. Wow… There were some parts of this that literally brought me to tears. and not like A tear, crying tears because it reached a place deep down inside of me. My adventurous side, and my dreaming side. I can not WAIT to see this.

  2. This inspired me in a huge way. I wish that I had the ability to leave my life behind and travel.. Some day maybe if I share a house with someone I could adventure out and not have the responsibility of crazy amounts of rent + car payments at home. Some day I want to fire hoop around the world… and seeing these stories re-enforces that dream. 🙂

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