The Return of Katie Deppe

VIDEO OF THE DAY: While we haven’t seen much from Katie Deppe in the recent months since she had her baby, it’s great to see her back. Video features special guest appearances by family and a surprise ending. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Soundtrack: “”Pencil/MyPiano/Firehouse (Soroka Remixes)” by Wu Tang Clan from “Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture, Vol. 2: Enter the Dubstep” (on iTunes).

10 thoughts on “The Return of Katie Deppe

  1. Between Daddy telling the baby boy to come back in where he was so his mommy can get her AWESOME hoop dance on~the break dancing daddy in the background~and the end finale… This was a great video <3 I'm glad you're back too!

  2. What a great video, it was amazing to watch you moving and flowing.
    I am especially impressed by your leg hooping. Do you happen to have any tutorials on how you do the ankle hooping and keep the hoop that horizontal?

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