Jen Moore For Cover of Fitness Magazine

Fitness Magazine Contest Fitness Magazine is having this contest to put someone real on the cover, and who could be a better choice than Jen Moore who co-moderates our Fitness Hoopers Group and Forum? After all, she has lost 135 pounds. She writes in her entry, “I was always overweight. The last decade. morbidly obese. In 2007, our 2nd child died during birth. We numbed our grief with food. In 2009, I weighed almost 300lbs. My husband also always struggled with his weight. He too weighed in at close to 300lb. We had enough. We changed our diets. Moderation. Balance. Nothing forbidden, moderation. Less processed. More organic, whole foods. I taught myself how to hoop with an adult sized cardio hoop. I worked 15 min. a day to start. I was terrible but stuck with it. Gradually I improved. My husband even got hooked. I hooped daily & watched the pounds start to melt off. … My husband and I appeared last month on the Today Show, on the Joy Fit Club with Kathie Lee, Hoda & Joy! This past year has shown me that the Face of Fitness can start out at ANY weight, at ANY size, that it is POSSIBLE to become the person you have always dreamed of being. I can run an 8min mile. I teach multiple fitness classes daily. I have lost 135lbs. I am the Face of Fitness.” Cast a vote for Jen here – and you can vote once a day. She’s currently in 10th and climbing! Help spread the word about the impact of hooping on fitness by helping us put a hooper on the cover of Fitness Magazine.

6 thoughts on “Jen Moore For Cover of Fitness Magazine

    1. She’s #13 right now. Depending on the voting she might be a little higher or lower soon. Her photo is black and white and shows her from the back inside her hoop so just click to the prev or next buttons. she’s right around there, hopefully she’ll be moving up. 🙂

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