How To Make a Hula Hoop Rug

Hula Hoop RugDid you ever make a pot holder when you were in school? Whether you did or you did not, the same principle can be used to transform a pile of old T-shirts into spectacular works of woven art. Yes, just a spare hula hoop (or embroidery hoop) and the techniques presented over at Disney FamilyFun will have you well on your way. The oversize looms and easy-to-use loops of T-shirt fabric make these projects particularly appealing to beginning weavers too. You can learn the basic hoop weaving technique and wind up crafting a colorful accent rug to brighten up a room. And if you want to take the weaving a little further, you can get more adventurous with basket and chair pad weaves. Before you begin, a couple terms you will need to know is that the “warp” is the material you string on the hoop, the “weft” is the material you weave with. What you’ll need is a pair of scissors, about a dozen T-shirts, and a 33″ hoop or so. Full directions: FamilyFun

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